Political Reforms

We MUST fix the political system, or a revolution will result.

Democracy cannot survive with our corrupt political system, and we cannot trust our politicians who are enjoying it to fix it. They like things just as they are.

Today there is one way — and one way only — to get things done in Washington or Madison: share your profits with the politicians that make it all happen. Period!!!

That also goes for (nearly) every state in the union. (Except AZ, ME, and CT, who all have public funding of campaigns.)

And you haven’t heard the last of Scott Walker’s handing over of our state’s Department of Commerce to WEDC. More taxpayer waste will be uncovered.

Our political system of corruption is killing our economy and democracy. Thanks to political bribes our “free market” capitalistic system is instead crony capitalism. “Paid-for” politicians, though at market prices.

What should be “representative government” now only applies to those Fat Cats who fund the elections… corporate CEOs and bankers and investors. And other crooks.

If you do not have money, this is not your country. That is not what our founders intended. That is NOT how we will survive.

A Constitutional Amendment

The only thing I’d do to the Move to Amend proposal is expand it, as it in no way affects the corruption created by the Koch’s or Karl Roves of the world who can keep pumping in money to fund cooperative politicians.

We need:

  • Public funding of campaigns (mandated, not an option!) Prohibit politicians from “taking” bribes.
  • Double their salaries, but only IF the country is prosperous.
  • Create a non-partisan “private” oversight committee.
  • Redistricting by computer and panel of nonpartisan judges.
  • Instant Runoff or proportional voting, to give 3rd parties an equal chance.
  • A None-of-the-above ballot choice. And if it wins, a new election ensues.
  • Blackout of lobbying employment for 5 years after leaving government (members and staff and other government employees).
  • Prohibit government’s hiring of lobbyists for staff positions.
  • Term limits (no more that 6 years in elected office) or banned forever if convicted of a felony.
  • Congress members must put all finances in a (REAL) blind trust.
  • Members cannot buy stock or invest, other than through their legitimate blind trust, or share congressional intentions with outsiders.
  • No staff bonuses. Salary is enough.
  • Ban voice votes. Restore accountability to the people.
  • Members and staff on same retirement and medical plan as public.
  • Members salaries adjusted downward when economy falls.

Only then will we see correcting legislation: Increased taxation on the wealthy and eliminated stupid subsidies and war spending.

Don’t like it? Be a plumber!

Let’s call this what it is: an illegal conspiracy between the Democrats and Republicans! In many cases “price fixing!”  Political corruption must be eliminated; not just reduced!

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