So, a change in power. If one crook fails, we try another?

November 8, 2014

As a life-long Republican, most of my friends are pretty decent but still with their heads in the sand. They “think” their politician is honest, but totally ignore who funds (and owns) them. Our nation is broken, and our politicians want to keep it that way. And they set the rules, until we vote!

By Jack E. Lohman

But our people — the dumb-ass voters — don’t yet understand. They drink the Kool-Aid and “think” they have the ear of the politicians. Whichever side. But they don’t, and until we get these political bastards working for the people, rather than the other way around, it is the way it is.

Let’s change it!!!

At 77 I’ll likely be gone when the shit hits the fan, but if we don’t fix it soon we’ll experience a bloody and deadly rebellion. With guns and bullets! Remember the constitution and the NRA? Remember the Civil War?

Yes, Walker made it…

But without my help. I voted Third Party, throwing my vote away with the rest of the 1%. Mary Burke was not an option for me, and Walker is part of the problem. I do not favor moving the crooks to the top.

We must, absolutely MUST (!!!), get the crooks out of the political system.

Here’s how:

  • Public funding of campaigns (mandated, not an option!) Prohibit politicians from “taking” bribes.
  • Instant Runoff or proportional voting, to give 3rd parties an equal chance.
  • Double their salaries, but only IF the country is prosperous.
  • Create a non-partisan “private” oversight committee (we probably already have one, let’s make it effective!).
  • Redistricting by computer and panel of nonpartisan judges.
  • A None-of-the-above ballot choice. And if it wins, a new election ensues.
  • Blackout of lobbying employment for 5 years after leaving government (members and staff and other government employees).
  • Prohibit government’s hiring of lobbyists for staff positions.
  • Term limits (no more that 6 years in elected office) or banned forever if convicted of a felony.
  • Congress members must put all finances in a (REAL!) blind trust.
  • Members cannot buy stock or invest, other than through their legitimate blind trust, or share congressional intentions with outsiders.
  • No staff bonuses. Salary is enough.
  • Ban voice votes. Restore accountability to the people.
  • Members and staff on same retirement and medical plan as public.
  • Members salaries adjusted downward when economy falls.

Reality check on Obama, Reid and Pelosi: Hey, you lost!

Inequality? Bullshit! Political corruption: ONLY!!!

October 29, 2014

There is just one (and only one) issue to blame for this nation’s demise: Political payola! Dishonest politicians! Crooks at the top!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

Get it?

It is frustrating as hell to see media and politicians and low-information voters blame our nation’s problems on everything but the truth.

Get this: MONEY WORKS!




Bribes always have and always will work. At least, until our politicians get honest and eliminate this legalized payola from our government. NEITHER political “party” is cleaner or dirtier than the other! They are BOTH corrupt.

We would not have our esteemed politicians passing laws that reduce taxes for the wealthy were it not for their getting a share of the profits. Or passing laws that allow corporate outsourcing to China of manufacturing. Or corporate inversions, a legalized game that allows corporations to re-establish in countries that have lower taxes! (Without, of course, paying import tariffs for sales made in the US, which they now avoid.)

Without payola we’d not have disagreements (and wrong decisions) on fracking and oil pipelines and, well, virtually EVERY public decision our politicians make! They *ALL* involve profits to special interests, and our politicians are driven by money. (Outside money, not yours.)

And yes, much of the campaign bribes filter down to the Media in terms of political advertising. So they like it just as it is. When systems are broken, yet profitable, why fix them?

How to fix it?

First some news for Hillary… it is NOT the R’s OR the D’s who create the jobs, it is BOTH. The combination “economy.” Unfortunately, our corrupt politicians make it good or bad, depending on where the special interest cash comes from. (Isn’t our cash-and-carry political system great?)

But to answer the question, get the political bribes out of the system. Period!

Transparency International has the US listed as the 24th most-honest government in the world. NOT 1st, mind you… 24th!!! The top goes to New Zealand and the socialist countries.

I saw an article the other day… Why the GOP must pass a real ObamaCare replacement after they win the Senate

Yes, eliminate ObamaCare!!! It was designed by an insurance company executive put on the government payroll by then Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who after its passage announced his retirement from the government (thank the Lord.)

But ObamaCare has hurt ALL businesses (except the Insurance Industry and their agents).

I am constantly reminded of Winston Churchill’s quote: “America will always do the right thing, but only after everything else fails.” Must we prove him correct?

Single-Payer? YES!

It will be difficult to pass, because it’s the right thing to do. And it will cost the insurance company interests, who give money to the politicians.

But I heard from one of my right-wing business friends who owns a company: her insurance (per employee) has increased by 65%. WAY TO GO, POLITICIANS!

As a former business owner in the healthcare industry (and a “jobs” creator), I argue that the elimination of my health care costs would have given me more cash to hire people.

AND we could implement it and save the country $400 billion in health care costs AND cover 100% of Americans, working or not!

China, are you ready for a do-over?

October 2, 2014

In golf we call it a Mulligan, but my guess is that China wants to give Hong Kong back to England.  And soon. Russia will also be faced with a similar decision regarding Ukraine.

By Jack E. Lohman

In my world it’s called “be careful of what you ask for, because you might get it.” And they did.

The cost of China keeping Hong Kong, and Russia keeping Ukraine, and Jerusalem keeping Palestine, or whatever, are going to ultimately be absolutely horrendous! Is it worth it?

Why do they want to do this??? Why don’t they just direct those expenses toward fixing and building their existing countries?

It only took me 77 years, but I now get it!

It is greed and religion!!! In China’s case, power converts to greed. But it all converts to stupidity, and political leaders are at the top of the ladder.

But it’s all short term, and the end isn’t going to be pretty.

Ultimately everybody having the bomb could help.

In the US, we say, keeping a gun in every house keeps the bad-guys away. And maybe that can be extended to the Middle East (though I worry about trigger-happy wackos). Can the Middle East leaders control them?

We need an incentive!

But where is the incentive in “Peace?” Wars are profitable (to Lockheed and Northrup). And from that and other payola comes campaign bribes and media buys. It’s called “cash flow!”

Transparency International has done an excellent job at ranking countries and their honesty in government. The U.S. ranks 24th on their “Corruption Index” (NOT 1st, incidentally. That goes to New Zealand, followed by the socialist countries.)

But give us this… we have the best politicians money can buy!

But, it turns out, we Americans are not interested. We like free-market capitalism, but we DO NOT like crony-capitalism and payola-based taxes and corrupt politicians. The former has longevity and the letter does not.

Can we get there before we have another revolution?

I would favor getting all of the world’s leaders to agree on one form of honest government. Countries who have this honest government are included, the others have to change before they are allowed in the pact. I’d start with public funded campaigns (I’ve seen nothing better) and include term limits and after-government employment restrictions (see more at

No, Eric Cantor. Your $3.4 million job is not allowed, even if it did result from being unelected!

And Eric Holder? Give me a friggin’ break.

But then, I am weird. I have Indian blood and am proud as hell to support the “Redskins” name when used by sports teams! Go figure.

Why would Americans leave the U.S. to join ISIS?

September 14, 2014

Desperation and confusion, maybe, but leaving one country led by crooks to join another country led by murderers is not a step up. You and I think they are crazies; they think they are heroes.

By Jack E. Lohman

There is ZERO excuse to harm ANYBODY, EVER!!! Except in self-defense, though they obviously think differently than I. Whether Ray Rice or foreign kooks, keep your hands to yourself.

But this is just the beginning, and at 76 I thought I’d be gone before the sh*t hit the fan. I was wrong. The future is not going to be a pretty sight, and our country and world is going to fill with kooks who think they are doing good according to their God.

Let’s analyze this…

Two things drive this world… religion and greed. Worldwide, religion should be totally removed from politics. If you have a God, see him at church on Sunday or your sabbath. You go to your church and let me go to mine. If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. Advertise why, through your anti-abortion group, but let others lead their own lives. Keep abortion and religion out of politics!

I’m not a church-goer, but I’m a Christian who opposes abortion. I live and let live, and I don’t believe that you must comply to my beliefs. (How’s that for a concept?)

Now let’s get real…

Many politicians are wackos themselves and will sell their religious-based laws (for a price, that is). Actually, they’ll sell anything for a price, even their mother, and I often wonder how these crooks lay their heads on the pillow at night, knowing that their corruption is stealing their kid’s future. It takes all kinds, and these low-life’s (politicians) will bury their own.

Actually, it is we voters with the major problem. WE KNOW they are political whores, and we re-elect them anyway. WE MUST (!!!) — absolutely MUST — stop allowing the corruption, but WE VOTERS are hung up on the partisan Left or Right, even as it gobbles up our country.

No, our enemy is not ISIS. It is US!


So how do we fix it?

I was amused by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s (R-WI) plea to the little folks to step up and not fight the 1%, because, after all, it is THEY who create their jobs and economy! And fund elections! (Excuse me while I puke, Jim!)

I often wonder, had we fixed the political corruption problem decades ago, would our politicians still have written the laws to easily allow the outsourcing of jobs to China, or still written laws to allow the “inversions” that corporations use to avoid US taxes, and even the laws that govern (or permit Boards of Directors) to establish outlandish CEO salaries, or even the laws that control our war policies?

But then I remember, yea they would. Politicians accept cash bribes to feed their campaign to get re-elected. To do exactly ALL of that!

What fine leadership we have! Hopefully they will be next!

“I’m just not going to vote in November!”

July 11, 2014

Absolutely the wrong way to tackle the problem, but voting out the R’s and the D’s makes sense.

By Jack E. Lohman

Otherwise you give the Fat Cats and their “politician workers” 100% of what they want… no opposition! And they continue screwing the public without ever going to jail (or being beheaded, which some deserve.)

Instead we must discard 100% of the politician bastards. Vote *IN* third party candidates across the board. Show them that you, the citizen, are in the driver’s seat! That YOU matter!!!

OR, we go on for another two years. Get used to it!

So here we are… two newcomers!

Something for all of us! The left-wing “progressives” and right-wing “tea partiers,” with good and bad to both.

But they are *NOT* republican and *NOT* democrat, so we can breathe easier.

We’ll not be perfect!

Best to vote both in the primary AND final, so at least your vote counts for your party of choice. And I don’t know about you, but a new congressman is as important as the right congressman (neither of which is assured).

Alternatively, we can await the rebellion.

Diversion! Divide and Concur!!!

June 27, 2014

Right, Scott? Get these yokels working on the little fires and we win the big one! Good thinking!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

I absolutely don’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat or third party, if you are corrupt you are a nothing. To your party and to your family and to your legacy. *AND* … if you are a pretend good-government type, you are no better.

I follow the 80-20 rule a lot. 80% of the people are either good (or bad) and the other 20% are the opposite. In this industry — I’m afraid to say — 80% of our so-called good government fighters are simply in it for the money, or are there to satisfy funders.

(And some funders are unions, in it only to increase membership and salaries for their leaders. As an ex-steward under the original Jimmy Hoffa, I still object. And yes, I’m old enough!)

“Is THIS an issue that will spark contributions?”

One group that I know, and I’m sure you do too, absolutely does not care that 100% of their writings speaks of the “problem” but ignores the “reason.” They speak of the “effect” but ignore the “cause.” And likely that’s because the effect (fracking or global warming or whatever) draws more sympathy (and donations) than the cause (corrupt politicians).

I’m a big Fox News watcher, but I know they refuse to discuss the real issue… money! But take the money out of the political system and we’ll see “issues” fixed overnight. ALL issues!!!

Oh, please send a donation! We cannot save the world without you!

Perhaps I’d be less resentful if I didn’t receive about 100 emails per day asking for money (I send nothing!). And that’s bad. I know they need cash to operate, but I’d rather spend my cash on useful purposes, not fake CEO salaries or to employ someone on a frivolous or made-up cause.

If I were a legitimate group I’d be pissed that these jokers are dipping into the public pie created for GOOD causes.

Let’s be real!

  • We need one or two GOOD organizations pulling the voters together on the one issue that counts: Money in politics! All others are little fires. Diversions, often intentional, even though by themselves some may have merit. But win the big one and these get fixed in the process.
  • And we need ONE or TWO issues! Not a laundry list… ONE or TWO!!!
  • And we must focus on ONE thing: YOU POLITICIANS WORK FOR US!!! The people and voters!!! And if you choose not to believe us, YOU ARE SHORT TERM!!!

In fact we must start in November by dumping the trash. They MUST learn that we are serious and have the masses behind us.

“Some” Fat Cats are coming around to correctly believe that the current system will dry up their customer base, but worse is that we are laying the bricks for an armed rebellion, where they’ll lose even more.

The bankers demand… “Do NOT fix the system!!!”

June 11, 2014

Of course we need low student loan rates, but students don’t fund elections. Bankers do!

By Jack E. Lohman

How are you liking it so far?

Campaign bribes control virtually every aspect of government leadership. Congressmen are crooks. They use the money for re-election, which keeps them in a gold-plated job, usually for life and always at your expense. And the bankers love it.

Indeed the school system is also broken, thanks in part to campaign bribes from teachers unions. In my view there are some absolutely stupid classes, paid for by taxpayers and geared to satisfy union demands for teacher employment and union-boss salaries. At your expense.

But affordable school loans are critical!

At ZERO % interest, NOT at 10%, which some are at now.

And of course when the taxpayers stepped in to help the banks out of trouble, we must remember the direction of cash flow. I do not expect volunteer banker help. Only barely will we see politician help, lip service, as long as the banker cash continues to flow.

I would eliminate useless classes and convert entry to two levels, the most appealing being free entry to students with high grades (regardless of personal or parental wealth), and all others a reasonable fee. Ultimately we’d do well to eliminate all student fees, but we’d need smart corrections in education first.

Voters first need to wake up!

It does not matter what the issue, nothing happens unless cash flows to politicians. THAT is a very serious problem being ignored by many voters. All else are little fires, yet that’s where they spend their efforts.

Get this…

Banks give cash to politicians so they will be allowed to continue their 10% interest rates on college education!

Insurance companies give cash to politicians to kill single-payer healthcare and continue the privatization scam! And to battle for privatization of the VA healthcare system (remember… PRIVATE and unions can give campaign bribes, PUBLIC entities CANNOT!)

Mining companies give cash to politicians to vote FOR fracking and AGAINST the right way to do it. (And get this: I don’t know the right way, but I do know that if the politicians were not getting a piece of the action, they’d pass laws that resulted in the right way!)

Manufacturers have given cash to politicians to change the rules to allow their product be manufactured in China 0r other low wage country!

Fat Cats and manufacturers give cash to politicians to change the tax laws to allow them to establish in lower-tax countries overseas.

In other words… cash bribes!!! The same cash bribes that are illegal for you but okay for politicians.

For-profit Charters??? First get the campaign bribes out of the political system, then let the non-conflicted politicians who now get a piece of the action, decide on what’s best for the country!!! And voters… get off your asses!!!