Diversion! Divide and Concur!!!

June 27, 2014

Right, Scott? Get these yokels working on the little fires and we win the big one! Good thinking!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

I absolutely don’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat or third party, if you are corrupt you are a nothing. To your party and to your family and to your legacy. *AND* … if you are a pretend good-government type, you are no better.

I follow the 80-20 rule a lot. 80% of the people are either good (or bad) and the other 20% are the opposite. In this industry — I’m afraid to say — 80% of our so-called good government fighters are simply in it for the money, or are there to satisfy funders.

(And some funders are unions, in it only to increase membership and salaries for their leaders. As an ex-steward under the original Jimmy Hoffa, I still object. And yes, I’m old enough!)

“Is THIS an issue that will spark contributions?”

One group that I know, and I’m sure you do too, absolutely does not care that 100% of their writings speaks of the “problem” but ignores the “reason.” They speak of the “effect” but ignore the “cause.” And likely that’s because the effect (fracking or global warming or whatever) draws more sympathy (and donations) than the cause (corrupt politicians).

I’m a big Fox News watcher, but I know they refuse to discuss the real issue… money! But take the money out of the political system and we’ll see “issues” fixed overnight. ALL issues!!!

Oh, please send a donation! We cannot save the world without you!

Perhaps I’d be less resentful if I didn’t receive about 100 emails per day asking for money (I send nothing!). And that’s bad. I know they need cash to operate, but I’d rather spend my cash on useful purposes, not fake CEO salaries or to employ someone on a frivolous or made-up cause.

If I were a legitimate group I’d be pissed that these jokers are dipping into the public pie created for GOOD causes.

Let’s be real!

  • We need one or two GOOD organizations pulling the voters together on the one issue that counts: Money in politics! All others are little fires. Diversions, often intentional, even though by themselves some may have merit. But win the big one and these get fixed in the process.
  • And we need ONE or TWO issues! Not a laundry list… ONE or TWO!!!
  • And we must focus on ONE thing: YOU POLITICIANS WORK FOR US!!! The people and voters!!! And if you choose not to believe us, YOU ARE SHORT TERM!!!

In fact we must start in November by dumping the trash. They MUST learn that we are serious and have the masses behind us.

“Some” Fat Cats are coming around to correctly believe that the current system will dry up their customer base, but worse is that we are laying the bricks for an armed rebellion, where they’ll lose even more.

If I were Jamie Dimon or George Soros…

May 31, 2013

I’d spend my excess cash on the politicians who write the rules and the voters who drink the Kool-Aide!

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, I’d spend plenty of money on “educating” the dumbo voters to my way of thinking. Those poor suckers who unknowingly are paying the bill and don’t realize it. But I’d ensure that whatever happens, I’d get a big piece of the action.

And I’d hope the voters don’t get smart!

“Only two things cause war; greed and religion.” And I’d add hunger to that, of which we are heading fast.

All are bad… the Fat Cat CEOs who will do anything to keep their $50 million salaries, even screw the public. Think “bankers.” And the union bosses who may make only $400k, but want more members to pay dues. That side of the crony-market is not very pretty.

But I blame mostly our trusted politicians, who supposedly represent the people but play them for fools. BOTH Democrat and Republicans alike. Congressmen who supposedly hold their morals high but are the first to roll over. Or pass laws that look good but have loopholes that they can benefit from.

And I’d look for voters who think 100% of their side are good people and 100% of the other side are bad.

Because THEY are the most easily fooled, and it is they and the other side who are funding our demise. Both in terms of cash dollars and political votes. And they are gullible and don’t have the time to find the truth.

OR they are fighting the little fires that — though a win would be great — will never be fixed as long as campaign bribes is driving its outcome.

But 2014 can be different.

We must — absolutely MUST — force a near-100% turnover, both at the state and federal level.

Obviously we have good guys, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warner, and they could be reelected without spending a dime. But then we have Max Baucus and Jim DeMint who saw the handwriting on the wall and resigned, and the public will be better off because of it. Now we await Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid’s retirement papers.

WE voters can force this turnover!

By supporting NEW candidates at both the state and federal level. And they must promise only one thing: political reform. Public funding of campaigns. Government benefits equal to private industry.

And if they get voted in and don’t keep their promise, they get voted out!

We have tons of politicians that already fit that category.

100% of America’s problem is corruption at the top

April 15, 2013

AND a population of voters that just doesn’t understand the connection between corporate profits and political bribes. And that they (the voters) pay them BOTH!

By Jack E. Lohman

Politicians have allowed our system to move from Left-Right to Up and Down… class warfare rather than Democrat v. Republican … because they get a piece of the action. From those at the top, not at the bottom. Cash works, but only for those who have it.

We have a corrupt government and until the people get their eyes off the “little fires” and battle the leaches at the top, the corruption will continue.

That Transparency International has us listed as 24th in political honesty in the world, rather than 1st, is telling.

Even doubling our wages, at this point, is NOT the answer. We’ll just send manufacturing jobs to some other country, because (please note … BECAUSE) the CEOs are allowed to!!! Not only do their corporations take a tax write-off for their $20 million salaries, but these high salaries and political bribes provide the incentive to screw the workers and public.

Don’t get me wrong.

I do NOT support $300K salaries for union bosses either. Or government bureaucrats with salaries 50% higher than the taxpayers who pay them, or those who grow government to protect and build their own job. As I’ve said before, even Scott Walker is not always wrong.

As a former union steward I view unions as a necessary evil, mainly because we have CEO and politician crooks seeking to depress wages to increase profits, which they share. They want in my (and my kid’s) pocket and they’ll do anything to make it happen.

AND while some union bosses will sell out their members to keep it all cool, that’s an issue that the members themselves must correct.

We have problems in both public AND private.

I’m basically a free market type. Not a crony-market supporter, however. If the shareholders voted for a $20 million CEO, fine, but that’s not what is happening. The politicians have been paid cash bribes to establish rules that make CEOs and bankers and petroleum companies like little Gods, and they have earned every penny of their take. At taxpayer and consumer expense, mind you.

But now we have to get the VOTERS to recognize that this problem exists because WE ALLOW it to exist, and only a near-100% turnover in 2014 will fix it.

NONE of our nation’s disparities would exist if we had an honest political system. THIS is where our future fights must begin.

Remember 2000… Wisconsin’s big chance?

July 20, 2012

Yea, we voted 90% for campaign finance reform in a statewide referendum … but, surprise!

By Jack E. Lohman

It was all a game. The politicians wrote the rules to fail, and it failed. But it was an election ploy, so they had to do it.  🙂

And both parties were in on the fix. (Political bribes is a bipartisan phenomena. One of the few issues they cooperate on.)

Here’s how Wisconsin got screwed:

First, they wrote a legislative campaign reform bill so tight that everybody loved it. Except the politicians.

They included rules even tighter than the U.S. Constitution would permit. Then they put in a poison pill.

Like “If anything in this law is shot down by the courts, the whole law is nullified!”

OF COURSE it will be shot down by the courts; it was designed to be!

A poison pill that killed campaign reform. Purposely.

So exceptional was this iron-clad system of failure that even Scott Walker would have signed it.

But so corrupt that our politicians knew the electorate wouldn’t see the rip-off, and so they shoved it down our throats.

I’m offended that they think we are so stupid, but we’ve given them plenty of reason to believe it. We keep electing them.

Let’s do a referendum again in 2012!

In 2000 it was an election issue; let’s make it an election issue again!


And WITH a severability clause that says “if anything in this bill is found unconstitutional, it shall be removed and all other clauses will remain enforceable.”

And WITH a clause making it voluntary, so a candidate can chose for themselves whether they want to take industry bribes or not. (That also makes it Constitutional.)

And a bill written by the Government Accountability Board, rather than the politicians! (It’s bad enough that we give them the keys to our wallet, but let’s not also allow the fox to guard the hen house.)

There are more ways to skin a cat!

Public funding of campaigns can be accomplished via several optional approaches. One is “signature threshold,” whereby all candidates getting, say, 2000 signatures receive $25,000 taxpayer funds (for the primary) that can be spent only for electoral purposes. Or a matching system whereby $6 taxpayer dollars are given for every dollar collected by the candidate.

How do you stop special interests from independent advertising? You don’t, but you can compensate the targeted candidate with additional matching funds. And through disclosure make it so unattractive that nobody would want to be the benefactor of the outside cash.

The cost to Wisconsinites? About $5 per taxpayer per year. The cost of our current system? About $1300 per year in excessive taxes to offset the costs of unneeded taxpayer spending to reward the Fat Cats that currently fund the elections.

Romney I support, but give me a break!

July 9, 2012

We cannot criticize Obama for failing against a House packed with Tea Partiers who want him to fail, even if it trashes the country!!! These esteemed jerks should be expelled!

By Jack E. Lohman

I prefer Romney. He has integrity and compassion and will do the right thing. Obama has neither, and I’m unsold on all of his taxpayer-funded campaign trips and stupid appointments, like Eric Holder and Tim Geithner. Obama is not presidential material.

And I thought George Bush was inept?

Yea, Mitt, the recent JOBS numbers WAS a kick in the gut. You might talk to the R’s in the House about their continual practice of killing jobs bills just to make Obama look bad. And oh, to attach tax breaks for the wealthy.

My real preference is Rocky Anderson, but…

… our corrupt duopoly has succeeded in blocking third-party candidates with their slanted “rules” which guarantee them 50% of the see-saw.  D’s and R’s alike are very scared that their party will come out last, and they are likely correct. They have stopped IRV in its tracks!

Unfortunately these guys have the steering wheel, and they will never relinquish control. Voluntarily.

I am concerned, however, that Romney will appoint the next Supreme Court Justice, and I’ve had enough of the conservatives on the court (thanks W!). Thomas and Roberts have to go.

And getting unemployment down to 6% again? Not possible, Mitt. That problem was caused by NAFTA, and only it’s repeal and 15 years of bringing jobs back to America will fix it.

Republicans are even more corrupt than the Dems.

Not by much, though, and our nation’s problem is that we even have this contest of corruption. Well, also that we have an electorate drinking the Kool-Aid of the Left and Right, and distracted to the little fires that our politicians have so cleverly lit to divert us from their own corruption.

These politicians may be corrupt, but they are not stupid.

Except perhaps, when it comes to funding nations …

… like Pakistan,  whom we gave American cash to a government that had us believing that they, too, wanted bin Laden captured. And then reversed US support. All cash going into this country should stop. Yesterday!

And these two political parties, deeply in the pocket of Lockheed and other defense companies, had best start looking at the best interests of America. The vast majority of Americans oppose the war, but of course they don’t fund the elections.

Would any of this occur if we didn’t have politicians taking cash bribes from the defense industry?

We absolutely MUST tilt the House and Senate back to the Left. The R’s have lost it to the far-Right and Big-Money interests.

This is absolutely stupid, people, cut the political graft!!!

July 6, 2012

Whether Rightie or Lefty, your family’s assets are slowly moving to the politicians and Fat Cats that fund them! Quit drinking their Kool-Aid!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

Nothing — absolutely NOTHING — will fix this economy until we stop the cash bribes that flow to politicians who reward the special interests that fund their elections. And then leave congress for $2 million per year lobbying jobs once they are found out and unelected! Why not fix this corrupt system?

And for sure, there is nothing wrong with lobbying; the problem is lobbying with cash bribes in hand. And even that wouldn’t be bad if we had politicians who refused corruption, but easily 90% of them find a way to slip the bribes into their campaign wallets. Even the ones with Halos over their head.

It’s the little fires that they use to divert us!

They love the little fires, because (a) there are always two answers to the problem, and (b) it keeps the public battling each other and away from discovering the root problem: THEM, and the political corruption that funds their careers.

Think about this:

Defense spending: Would we be sending our troops into Afghanistan or Pakistan if Lockheed et al were not giving politicians $13 million per year in campaign contributions? This money is buying the death of our troops and destroying our nation’s reputation, but the defense Fat Cats love it!

And why are we spending five times more than needed to send private mercenaries to the middle east? Because private companies can give campaign cash and government entities can’t. And privatization has already started with public lands… just wait until they want to privatize your water. (Oh, they’ve already started that too?)

And climate change? I am not an expert, and don’t know whether wind/sun is more safe/sustainable than coal or fracking or nuclear. But I wish like hell that I had politicians not on the take, from one side or the other, who could make an honest and rational study, and make the right things happen. But given that their campaigns are funded by one side or the other, I am pretty sure that my kids and grandkids are going to pay the price.

Political payola is driving virtually every issue out there (student loans, jobs, whatever.) Politicians care about getting rich, which is driven by getting re-elected, which is driven by campaign cash. Any questions?

ONLY public funding of campaigns will cause laws to be written that stops the rip-off of the nation. Everything else is a little fire.

Raise the minimum wage???

June 18, 2012

Don’t even think about it. At least not now. That will only drive more jobs to lower-wage countries.

By Jack E. Lohman

Life is not fair, and a higher minimum wage is clearly justified. But at what price? No Jobs???

Instead let’s repeal NAFTA and CAFTA and the other lobbyist-bought laws that allow corporations to off-shore their manufacturing. Both political parties — R’s and D’s alike — have allowed campaign bribes to guide their votes. But as long as our dense electorate approves, live with it!

And oh yes, it would enhance the wages of the Union bosses!

We MUST fix the political system.

Democracy cannot survive with our broken system, and we cannot trust our corrupt politicians who are enjoying it to fix it. They like things just as they are. But we need:

  • Public funding of campaigns
  • Redistricting by computer and panel of nonpartisan judges
  • Instant Runoff or proportional voting
  • None-of-the-above ballot choice
  • Blackout of lobbying employment for 5 years after leaving government (members and staff)
  • Prohibit the hiring of lobbyists for staff positions
  • Term limits (no more that 12 years in elected office) or forever if convicted of a felony.
  • Must put all finances in a (REAL) blind trust
  • Members cannot buy stock or invest, other than through blind trust
  • No staff bonuses. Salary is enough.
  • Ban voice votes. Restore accountability to the people.
  • Members and staff on same retirement and medical plan as public
  • Members salaries adjusted downward when economy falls

Only then will we see correcting legislation: Increased taxation on the wealthy and eliminated stupid subsidies and war spending.

Don’t like it? Be a plumber!