“I’m just not going to vote in November!”

July 11, 2014

Absolutely the wrong way to tackle the problem, but voting out the R’s and the D’s makes sense.

By Jack E. Lohman

Otherwise you give the Fat Cats and their “politician workers” 100% of what they want… no opposition! And they continue screwing the public without ever going to jail (or being beheaded, which some deserve.)

Instead we must discard 100% of the politician bastards. Vote *IN* third party candidates across the board. Show them that you, the citizen, are in the driver’s seat! That YOU matter!!!

OR, we go on for another two years. Get used to it!

So here we are… two newcomers!

Something for all of us! The left-wing “progressives” and right-wing “tea partiers,” with good and bad to both.

But they are *NOT* republican and *NOT* democrat, so we can breathe easier.

We’ll not be perfect!

Best to vote both in the primary AND final, so at least your vote counts for your party of choice. And I don’t know about you, but a new congressman is as important as the right congressman (neither of which is assured).

Alternatively, we can await the rebellion.

If I were Jamie Dimon or George Soros…

May 31, 2013

I’d spend my excess cash on the politicians who write the rules and the voters who drink the Kool-Aide!

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, I’d spend plenty of money on “educating” the dumbo voters to my way of thinking. Those poor suckers who unknowingly are paying the bill and don’t realize it. But I’d ensure that whatever happens, I’d get a big piece of the action.

And I’d hope the voters don’t get smart!

“Only two things cause war; greed and religion.” And I’d add hunger to that, of which we are heading fast.

All are bad… the Fat Cat CEOs who will do anything to keep their $50 million salaries, even screw the public. Think “bankers.” And the union bosses who may make only $400k, but want more members to pay dues. That side of the crony-market is not very pretty.

But I blame mostly our trusted politicians, who supposedly represent the people but play them for fools. BOTH Democrat and Republicans alike. Congressmen who supposedly hold their morals high but are the first to roll over. Or pass laws that look good but have loopholes that they can benefit from.

And I’d look for voters who think 100% of their side are good people and 100% of the other side are bad.

Because THEY are the most easily fooled, and it is they and the other side who are funding our demise. Both in terms of cash dollars and political votes. And they are gullible and don’t have the time to find the truth.

OR they are fighting the little fires that — though a win would be great — will never be fixed as long as campaign bribes is driving its outcome.

But 2014 can be different.

We must — absolutely MUST — force a near-100% turnover, both at the state and federal level.

Obviously we have good guys, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warner, and they could be reelected without spending a dime. But then we have Max Baucus and Jim DeMint who saw the handwriting on the wall and resigned, and the public will be better off because of it. Now we await Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid’s retirement papers.

WE voters can force this turnover!

By supporting NEW candidates at both the state and federal level. And they must promise only one thing: political reform. Public funding of campaigns. Government benefits equal to private industry.

And if they get voted in and don’t keep their promise, they get voted out!

We have tons of politicians that already fit that category.

The “little fires” start from the Big One!

April 22, 2013

I have great respect for those who target poverty.  But they must take care not to be misdirected.

By Jack E. Lohman

I would have expected the United Nations and UNICEF to understand that you cannot run a successful company (or economy) with crooks at the top, as is our U.S. Congress.

They state — without pointing to why — that…

The United States is No. 1 on many other lists: It spends more on the military than the next 12 nations on the list combined; it’s the best in the world at imprisoning people; and it has the most obese people, the highest divorce rate, and the highest rate of both illicit and prescription drug use.

Of course obesity and divorce are personal issues, but it is not hard to tie high military spending to defense industry campaign contributions, and high prison rates and illicit drug utilization to campaign bribes from the private prison corporations and prison guard unions, and high prescription drug use to pharmaceutical industry campaign bribes.

These are not just “tied to,” but are “driven by” campaign bribes. Our politicians have a public acceptance rate of about 10%, and for good reason: about 2% of those “likes” are cronies and the other 8% are wannabes who think they know and drink the politician’s Kool-Aide.

The good news is that 90% of the public knows better, though many need help in getting to the finish line.

Where to go from here…

2014 will be a make or break year. 10% of our politicians are “keepers,” 50% are trash and should be eliminated, and 40% are talking a blue streak trying to convince the voters that they are worthwhile.

Our challenge is figuring out the truth, and doing something about it.

And crucially, getting voters to cross party lines if the “other guy” is better on the corruption issue.

Nothing else matters! We MUST narrow this to an “our congressman” basis, or it will never work! *WE* — in our own district — must put forth the best congressman that we can muster.

When half the country thinks it’s right, nothing will get fixed. And that’s what the Pols count on.

April 5, 2013

The Tea Party has whittled down the R’s, and now we must trim the D’s and convert to a four-party system!

By Jack E. Lohman

The best way is to develop a center party.

Our government has gotten too damned big, because they control your life and politicians get a piece of the action. Watch this 3.5 minute video, then do something about it!

ObamaCare is as destructive as RomneyCare, but don’t tell the R’s that. The only reason Obama didn’t get R support is that the R’s knew it would pass nonetheless. So they sat it out and played the heroes.

All because BOTH SIDES were bought and paid for by the healthcare industry, with $125 million in campaign bribes!!! The system is broken and the politicians want to keep it that way.

In this war the public is the loser. Not the government and not the politicians. We, guys, are being played for fools. And as long as we fight the little fires and avoid the big one, our enemies (the politicians) are home free. Live with it!

If the R’s were smart…

They’d realize that it was more the dirty money and less their position on immigration that cost them the 2012 election. But politicians are more greedy than they are smart, so I don’t see an immediate change.

We can change it in 2014!!!

If you are a hard-core D or R, don’t read any further. We are NOT your supporters. But IF you want to fix the political system, you CAN!

Because YOU own it.

It’s called Single Issue Voting. Or better, “Mr. Politician, fix the system or you’re outta here!”

I never thought I’d have to “force” my politicians to be honest, or to do the right thing. But here we are. The Mafia-types have taken over our government, all while WE bury our heads in the sand.

The center-right and center-left are pretty reasonable people, but they need motivation. Watch Dylan Ratigan and then LET’S DO IT!

Political corruption is killing America!

March 25, 2013

Without political bribes we’d have no little fires to battle.

By Jack E. Lohman

I’m 75 and have fought against political bribery for over 15 years, and frankly there is nothing else that matters.

There are a lot of “little fires.” Like wars (that kill our troops and destroy our nation’s reputation), and mining issues that (likely) pollute or poison our well water, and jobs (that have been outsourced to low-wage countries), and health care (that has been outsourced to the for-profit insurance industry, which they absolutely love), and the drug war (where we lock up pot smokers and let terrorists walk free).

But in all of this, only ONE thing really matters: that our trusted politicians are padding their pockets to make it all happen.

The defense industry makes a lot of money manufacturing and selling tanks and drones to us taxpayers. And they share their profits with the politicians to keep the wars going. Surely we’d have to shift those jobs to peacetime projects, but the taxes and lives saved would be immeasurable.

But even that’s not the worse case…

We voters are being taken to the cleaners. We drown ourselves in the little fires while our esteemed congressmen and president pick our pockets. I don’t (so much) blame the lobbyists or companies that have employees and shareholders to satisfy. I blame the politicians who have gained our trust and then give away our democracy, all to pad their own wealth. (In China they execute corrupt politicians. And we do nothing?)

There *IS* a solution, but it is going to take the voters, and likely only those in the center 20-40% will be willing to set aside the “little fires” long enough to fix the big fire. But that’s all that is needed.

It’s called “single-issue” voting. In 2014 we must ignore all of the little fires and vote for the ONE issue that matters: POLITICAL REFORM! Public funding of campaigns!

We pay for the campaigns anyway, with higher taxes and higher product prices. So let’s pay for them directly, and at one-tenth the cost. And let’s OWN our politicians, rather than having them owned by the Fat Cats like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson and Karl Rove.

With politicians not on the payroll of special interests, it would not matter whether they were Democrat or Republican. They’d be working for the best interest of the nation and its people.

So Walker now has the support of the mining union…

March 22, 2013

Look, unions are no different than anyone else. Threaten their jobs and they’ll grovel for anything else they can get their hands on.

By Jack E. Lohman

I don’t blame them, or anyone else looking to improve their station in life. Even the lobbyists.

But I *DO* blame the corrupt politicians who pretend to be little Gods while they take campaign bribes to do anything and everything to advance their personal wealth, even against the best interests of the state or nation.

Does that sound like our Governor Scott Walker to you? A guy that (1) opposes campaign finance reform, and (2) received $30 million and untold out-of-state financial support to get (3) elected and (4) re-elected in a recall election?

You bet.

But I’m not impressed. Note that I wouldn’t care if the state was run by Righties or Lefties, if I knew that they were not taking cash bribes on the side. I prefer an honest government, which we do not have.

We, people, have a very serious problem …

And we must get our hands around it soon! Or crash!

This is not a Democrat versus Republican problem… it is “class warfare.” And politicians willing to take advantage of the money at the top. It is not kookie Righties or wacko Lefties, it is that politician guy that will tell you why the other party is at fault, and avoids discussion of his payola.

Come 2014 we have a chance. The Tea Partiers should destroy the R’s, and the progressives in the center-20% must take out the flaky Dems. We need politicians who “create,” not just “take”.

Both sides have their head in the sand. Politicians spend taxpayer cash because they are paid campaign bribes to spend taxpayer cash, simple as that. It’s called payola… political corruption. Money works!!! Always has and always will. ONLY public funding of campaigns will get these bastards off the special interest payroll.

ONLY a near-100% turnover in 2014 will give us back our democracy.

Minimum wage? Be careful of what you ask for!

March 15, 2013

With an honest congress, a minimum wage wouldn’t be needed! And the effects on the economy would be fabulous.

By Jack E. Lohman

But wow. Do you mean cutting politicians off from taking bribes?

As it is, corporate law so favors the CEOs and Fat Cats that you, Mr. America, are totally screwed. Look to the cash that changed hands. Nothing else. Don’t be blinded, and don’t get hung up on the little fires.

No country can survive this corruption, especially one registering 24th on the corruption index scale, as is the United States. But the people who can change this — the politicians — don’t want anything to do with it and in fact receive cash bribes to keep hands off.

I blame Republicans mostly, because they get 60% of the bribes. But the Dems are not free of guilt.

It all started in 1976, but culminated under Clinton

And the Republicans loved it. Actually ALL politicians loved it. So when the politicians spend your taxes on Fat Cats rather than health care and growth of America, understand WHY! And do something about it!

Yes, George W. Bush gave the drug industry a payback in 2003, by prohibiting Medicare from negotiating the same 50% discount given to the VA system. Because HE AND CONGRESS WERE PAID CAMPAIGN BRIBES TO ROLL OVER!!! And they did.

But the real question is MINIMUM WAGE!

I’ve worked for minimum wage… more years ago than I care to remember. Even before we had a minimum wage. Of course I felt used and abused, but I moved on and started my own company.

Yes, some people will like $10 per hour… at least those who still have a job will. But until our politicians are willing to rewrite the laws that permit sending jobs to lower-wage countries, our lower-waged people are screwed. It is what it is.

Looking at who would actually PAY for these higher-paid jobs — lower-wage consumers — this would clearly be a very regressive policy. It would do more damage to overall employment than anything else I can think of.

This is yet another of those little fires!