Politicians – Owned and Operated by Corporate America – by Jack E. Lohman (ISBN: 0976890631) – Connects the dots between politicians and those who fund their elections, and shows the massive cost to the taxpayers. You may get a free copy HERE ($3.90 shipping and handling).

Hostile Takeover : How Big Money and Corruption Conquered Our Government–and How We Take It Back – by David Sirota (ISBN: 0307237346) – Describes the conquest of America’s democratic government by Big Money interests.

Is That a Politician in Your Pocket: Washington on $2 Million a Day – by Micah Sifry, Nancy Watzman (ISBN: 047167995X) – This book nails both political parties on paybacks and names the special interests who made out the checks and what they got in return.

The Good Fight: Declare Your Independence and Close the Democracy Gap – by Ralph Nader (ISBN: 0060756047) – Though heavily Liberal with thorough analysis, Nader likes neither party’s actions or solutions and has excellent arguments and ideas.

Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Presidency – by Patrick J. Buchanan (ISBN: 0312341156) – Conservative and mostly right on target (though Buchanan fails to connect the dots to the moneyed interests).

Off Center: The Republican Revolution and the Erosion of American Democracy – by Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson (ISBN: 0300119755)

Inequality Matters: The Growing Economic Divide in America and its Poisonous Consequences – Edited by James Lardner and David A. Smith (ISBN: 1565849957) – A series of articles on the issues of the Left, but many will be very compelling even to those on the Right.

America the Broke: How the Reckless Spending of the White House and Congress are Bankrupting Our Country and Destroying Our Children’s Future – by Gerald J. Swanson (ISBN: 0385513046) – Excellent description of the symptoms but fails to connect the dots.

Greed and Good: Understanding and Overcoming the Inequality That Limits Our Lives – By Sam Pizzigati, (ISBN: 1891843257) – Liberal, but very hard to deny the premise of this book.

Dismantling The American Dream: Globalization, Free Trade, Immigrationxe “Immigration”, Unemployment, Poverty, Debt, Foreign Dependency, More – by Kenneth Buchdahl (ISBN: 0975320718 ) – He watches the dominoes fall, and the outcome isn’t pretty.

10 Steps to Repair American Democracy : An Owners Manual for Concerned Citizens – by Steven Hill (ISBN: 0976062151) – From the publisher: Unresponsive government. Uninspiring candidates. Mindless political debate. Suspicious voting equipment.

Corporate Predators: The Hunt for Mega-Profits and the Attack on Democracy – by Russell Mokhiber, Robert Weissman (ISBN: 1567511589) – Of the world’s biggest 100 economies, 51 are corporations, not countries.

Take the Rich off Welfare – by Mark Zepezauer (ISBN: 0896087069) – Although the popular media has been largely mum about it, most of the welfare payments go to large corporations in the form of tax write-offs, subsidies, and plain old handouts.

The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power – by Joel Bakan, Joel (ISBN: 0743247442) – Also see their DVD at

The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money – by Timothy P. Carney (ISBN: 0471789070)

Outrage: How Illegal Immigration, the United Nations, Congressional Ripoffs, Student Loan Overcharges, Tobacco Companies, Trade Protection, and Drug Companies Are Ripping Us Off – by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas – by Lou Dobbs, Lou (ISBN: 0446577448 ) – A Republican seemingly with his eyes open – perhaps we should export our workers to fill the foreign jobs we are creating. But Dobbs seems not to connect the dots to the moneyed interests, either in his book or on his TV show.

Shakedown: How the Government Screws You from A to Z – by James Bovard (ISBN: 0140258191) – The title says it all.

Class War in America: How Economic and Political Conservatives Are Exploiting Low- And Middle-Income American Families – by Charles M. Kelly (ISBN: 1564743489) – Even as a Republican, I found it hard to disagree with many of the arguments in this obviously Liberal writing.

Government’s End: Why Washington Stopped Working – by Jonathan Rauch (ISBN: 1891620495)

Health Care

The Corrosion of Medicine: Can the Profession Reclaim Its Moral Legacy? – by John Geyman (Author), Marcia Angell (Foreword) (ISBN-10: 1567513840) This is an absolutely excellent book that pulls no punches. If you are concerned about where the wasted health care dollars are, and how to eliminate them, this is the book for you.

Money-Driven Medicine: The Real Reason Health Care Costs So Much -by Maggie Mahar (ISBN-10: 006076533X) – “A straghtforward, credible and comprehensive survey of contempory American medical care.” (Reviewer)

Making A Killing – by Jamie Court and Francis Smith – This is an absolute must read, and you can buy it or download it free HERE 

The Corrosion of Medicine: Can the Profession Reclaim Its Moral Legacy?by John Geyman (Author), Marcia Angell (Foreword) (ISBN-10: 1567513840 )

Equal Healthcare For All – by R. Garth Kirkwood, M.D., (ISBN-10: 0979699401)

Bleeding the Patient: The Consequences of Corporate Healthcare – by Drs. David U. Himmelstein, Steffie Woodhandler, Ida Hellander (ISBN-10: 1567512062)

The Health Care Mess: How We Got Into It and How We’ll Get Out of It – by Kip Sullivan (ISBN: 1420885510) – If you really want to understand why our health care system got where it is, and what we need to do to fix it.

The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman –by Peter Rost (ISBN: 193336839X) – Peter Rost was a VP at Pfizer, until he came out publicly in support of the reimportation of drugs. Then, suddenly, he no longer had a job. (Funny how those things work, isn’t it?)

Critical Condition: How Health Care in America Became Big Business and Bad Medicine – by Donald L. Barlett, James B. Steele (ISBN: 0385504543) – The Prologue is worth the price of this book by two investigative reporters.

On the Take: How Medicine’s Complicity with Big Business can Endanger Your Health – by Jerome P. Kassirer, M.D. (ISBN: 0195300041) – Physicians, their conflicts of interest, and how it affects the patient.

The Truth About the Drug Companies – How they deceive us and what to do about it. – By Marcia Angell, M.D. (ISBN: 0375760946) – If you thought the high profit margins were necessary for heavy R&D, you’ll know better after reading this excellent book. Those profits are taken after deducting for R&D, advertising, and exorbitant salaries. But Dr. Angell exposes much more behind the scenes that will deeply concern you.

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