Now they want to Ban women wearing burkas

I disagree. Yes, I hate them. The Burkas. But I hate government bans and government control even more. Politiicans will ultimately get involved and m0ney will change hands and it is downhill from there with a corrupt congress. I much prefer the free market. Run by businessmen. Let them and the “market” decide.

Yea, I hate the idea of a burka-clad woman entering a bank. How do we know if she is EVEN a woman, and does not instead have a shotgun hidden under her shall? And, especially if it was a woman that is my wife, how is she assured safety that she won’t be shot?

I know…. More LAWS!!!

Instead I’d rather see a free-market solution, giving bosses and managers the athority to decide whether they want the business… Or prefer putting up a sign saying “For your safety, no Burkas or other potential disguise materials allowed.” The woman is clearly free to take off the Burka before safely entering, or to refuse doing business.

Of course I am inviting wacko responses, but give me a break.

2 Responses to Now they want to Ban women wearing burkas

  1. Jack,
    Are you referring to the Democrats who want everyone to have Medicare?
    Who begin Social Security, Workmen’s Comp, overtime pay, Medicaid & CHIPS?
    Plus got rid of child labor?
    Made mining and other industries safer for workers?
    And more.
    Is this what you’re complaining about?

  2. No, because I support Medicare-for-all. I have it and love it (and paid in for over 50 years). I’m referring to the Lefties protesting (because some people worked for their wealth). Get real…

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