Okay, I’m back, whether you like it or not…

I was out for a while. Had a stroke in 2014 but am getting better. At least I think so but my wife argues differently. But after 60 years what would you expect?

But now I have to speak up.  As you know I’m a right-wing wacko. Plan to vote for Mr. Trump (that is, unless he really screws up.) Unfortunately, he is on his way to screwing up, but it won’t be a vote for Hillary nonetheless.

But what the hell. Nobody’s perfect. Especially politicians.

I am not in the mood for she-said vs he-said claims, and with Hilliary’s experience defending rapists of schoolgirls I don’t trust them anyway. But that’s what Hillary did.

But if Trump is smart he’ll ignore the charges (he is NOT stupid, or so we’d hope).

He is very right about one thing: political corruption. It will kill our country if not fixed, though he does not speak of campaign finance reform. But I/m guessing he will support it. As a former CEOs I cannot imagine myself ever allowing employees to take bribes from manufacturers, but in politics we do.

Key is that I am not going to vote for myself. It is for my kids and grandkids.

Nonetheless, good luck at the polls.

2 Responses to Okay, I’m back, whether you like it or not…

  1. Haber says:

    An instructive post. People to really know who they want to reach and why or else, they’ll have no way to know what they’re trying to achieve. People need to hear this and have it drilled in their brains..
    Thanks for sharing this great article.

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