Can’t we just get along?

For those reading this blog that do not already know, I am a Republican. One of THOSE guys! But a reasonable one, I hope. On Boehner’s decision to bring Netanyahu to the states, I disagree. They should both be locked up.

But it is what it is, and time will tell. I do believe that Iran should not be allowed the bomb, though Israel is not going to wipe them off the map. But I blame mostly the American politicians who have been taking cash bribes from Israel and defense manufacturers. For decades! And I blame Boeing and Lockheed for helping to corrupt our leadership and country. War is profitable, and we must block the corruption. Today America is no better than the worse.

But I’m 77 and have little left at stake. Except for my wife and 7 grandkids and 3 greatgrandkids. Unfortunately our politicians seem free of such ties, so here we are.

I keep thinking, can’t we just all get along? What would happen if we had a world where nobody harmed or stole from anyone else? What would happen with ISIS? What would Iran do?

But war is profitable and politicians are corrupt. We, the public, are screwed, though we deserve it. Were it not for our politicians on the take, would Israel even have to worry?

Unfortunately, even Israel’s politicians take bribes.

But what if they didn’t? What if corruption didn’t exist? How can America rule the world with dirty hands? How can people respect us?

4 Responses to Can’t we just get along?

  1. Thanks much. I am very puzzled that our voters, our owners of the country, are accepting of the criminals at the top and, are willing to let them walk away with our country and our wealth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Republican Party is not the same Party I knew 20-30 years ago! Even Ronald Reagan knew it was good politics to compromise with the other side to get things accomplished and get the Country moving again! He represented a Country that made people feeling good about being American, and worth investing in! He had a huge respect from our Allies! He would never push this Country to the brink of a Major default as we have witnessed with Sen. Cruz. And unfortunately, others as well. Government today is Your either Hard Left or Hard Right! And the People fall some place in the Middle! This is almost shameful!
    Dick S.

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