Now the R’s have the wheel. Will they blow it?

Probably. They talk big now, but the cash bribes will soon flow to our esteemed lawmakers.

By Jack E. Lohman

Yes, ObamaCare must be repealed. NOW!!! It never should have been passed in the first place, but cash talks. Ask Sen. Max Baucus. Or your esteemed president Obama.

ObamaCare should be repealed and in it’s place inserted single-payer. All US citizens and taxpayers should receive the SAME health coverage, unless you are in the 1% and choose additional services. And taxpayer funded, like police and fire services.

It should have been, but wasn’t, put in place that way the first time around. But the money from the insurance industry was heavy, and we had Senator Max Baucus in the loop. Insurance money flowed to both parties, and stupid voters keep drinking the Kool-Aid. So what could go wrong?

We now have a chance to fix it, but will we?

The smartest thing we could do is eliminate health care costs from employers and employees and the unemployed, but someone has to pay for it.

How about the same people who are paying for it now, the citizens of the United States???  ALL of them!!! Now paying in one form or another!!!

Yea, they call that socialism. Terrible, isn’t it? Country after country — SOCIALIST COUNTRIES!!! — have taxpayer-funded-healthcare. And it WORKS!!! AT HALF THE COST!!! For-profit ripoffs have been eliminated!


Guaranteed, had we passed public funding of campaigns years ago, where politicians got their money from taxpayer coffers instead of special interest bribes, today we’d have single-payer or Medicare-for-all health care.

YES there are problems with “government control!”

AND private-control!!! Life’s a bitch, and I hate government bureaucrats. But CEO personal greed is no better, and there are ways to prevent it:

The VA system, properly modified, could play a role. It ALREADY HAS salaried physicians. We need “PRIVATE OVERSIGHT”, “clear” fraud prosecution, and of course, more hospitals. The government should buy up all of the private hospitals and meld them into it’s VA system. And HIRE all of the private personnel.

But the politicians get campaign bribes from the insurers, and the media ultimately gets the campaign bribes. The current system is broken and the politicians and media want to keep it broken. And the bribes to continue flowing. And the fat cats love it.

So… what’s for dinner?


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