So, a change in power. If one crook fails, we try another?

As a life-long Republican, most of my friends are pretty decent but still with their heads in the sand. They “think” their politician is honest, but totally ignore who funds (and owns) them. Our nation is broken, and our politicians want to keep it that way. And they set the rules, until we vote!

By Jack E. Lohman

But our people — the dumb-ass voters — don’t yet understand. They drink the Kool-Aid and “think” they have the ear of the politicians. Whichever side. But they don’t, and until we get these political bastards working for the people, rather than the other way around, it is the way it is.

Let’s change it!!!

At 77 I’ll likely be gone when the shit hits the fan, but if we don’t fix it soon we’ll experience a bloody and deadly rebellion. With guns and bullets! Remember the constitution and the NRA? Remember the Civil War?

Yes, Walker made it…

But without my help. I voted Third Party, throwing my vote away with the rest of the 1%. Mary Burke was not an option for me, and Walker is part of the problem. I do not favor moving the crooks to the top.

We must, absolutely MUST (!!!), get the crooks out of the political system.

Here’s how:

  • Public funding of campaigns (mandated, not an option!) Prohibit politicians from “taking” bribes.
  • Instant Runoff or proportional voting, to give 3rd parties an equal chance.
  • Double their salaries, but only IF the country is prosperous.
  • Create a non-partisan “private” oversight committee (we probably already have one, let’s make it effective!).
  • Redistricting by computer and panel of nonpartisan judges.
  • A None-of-the-above ballot choice. And if it wins, a new election ensues.
  • Blackout of lobbying employment for 5 years after leaving government (members and staff and other government employees).
  • Prohibit government’s hiring of lobbyists for staff positions.
  • Term limits (no more that 6 years in elected office) or banned forever if convicted of a felony.
  • Congress members must put all finances in a (REAL!) blind trust.
  • Members cannot buy stock or invest, other than through their legitimate blind trust, or share congressional intentions with outsiders.
  • No staff bonuses. Salary is enough.
  • Ban voice votes. Restore accountability to the people.
  • Members and staff on same retirement and medical plan as public.
  • Members salaries adjusted downward when economy falls.

Reality check on Obama, Reid and Pelosi: Hey, you lost!

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