Inequality? Bullshit! Political corruption: ONLY!!!

There is just one (and only one) issue to blame for this nation’s demise: Political payola! Dishonest politicians! Crooks at the top!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

Get it?

It is frustrating as hell to see media and politicians and low-information voters blame our nation’s problems on everything but the truth.

Get this: MONEY WORKS!




Bribes always have and always will work. At least, until our politicians get honest and eliminate this legalized payola from our government. NEITHER political “party” is cleaner or dirtier than the other! They are BOTH corrupt.

We would not have our esteemed politicians passing laws that reduce taxes for the wealthy were it not for their getting a share of the profits. Or passing laws that allow corporate outsourcing to China of manufacturing. Or corporate inversions, a legalized game that allows corporations to re-establish in countries that have lower taxes! (Without, of course, paying import tariffs for sales made in the US, which they now avoid.)

Without payola we’d not have disagreements (and wrong decisions) on fracking and oil pipelines and, well, virtually EVERY public decision our politicians make! They *ALL* involve profits to special interests, and our politicians are driven by money. (Outside money, not yours.)

And yes, much of the campaign bribes filter down to the Media in terms of political advertising. So they like it just as it is. When systems are broken, yet profitable, why fix them?

How to fix it?

First some news for Hillary… it is NOT the R’s OR the D’s who create the jobs, it is BOTH. The combination “economy.” Unfortunately, our corrupt politicians make it good or bad, depending on where the special interest cash comes from. (Isn’t our cash-and-carry political system great?)

But to answer the question, get the political bribes out of the system. Period!

Transparency International has the US listed as the 24th most-honest government in the world. NOT 1st, mind you… 24th!!! The top goes to New Zealand and the socialist countries.

I saw an article the other day… Why the GOP must pass a real ObamaCare replacement after they win the Senate

Yes, eliminate ObamaCare!!! It was designed by an insurance company executive put on the government payroll by then Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who after its passage announced his retirement from the government (thank the Lord.)

But ObamaCare has hurt ALL businesses (except the Insurance Industry and their agents).

I am constantly reminded of Winston Churchill’s quote: “America will always do the right thing, but only after everything else fails.” Must we prove him correct?

Single-Payer? YES!

It will be difficult to pass, because it’s the right thing to do. And it will cost the insurance company interests, who give money to the politicians.

But I heard from one of my right-wing business friends who owns a company: her insurance (per employee) has increased by 65%. WAY TO GO, POLITICIANS!

As a former business owner in the healthcare industry (and a “jobs” creator), I argue that the elimination of my health care costs would have given me more cash to hire people.

AND we could implement it and save the country $400 billion in health care costs AND cover 100% of Americans, working or not!

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