China, are you ready for a do-over?

In golf we call it a Mulligan, but my guess is that China wants to give Hong Kong back to England.  And soon. Russia will also be faced with a similar decision regarding Ukraine.

By Jack E. Lohman

In my world it’s called “be careful of what you ask for, because you might get it.” And they did.

The cost of China keeping Hong Kong, and Russia keeping Ukraine, and Jerusalem keeping Palestine, or whatever, are going to ultimately be absolutely horrendous! Is it worth it?

Why do they want to do this??? Why don’t they just direct those expenses toward fixing and building their existing countries?

It only took me 77 years, but I now get it!

It is greed and religion!!! In China’s case, power converts to greed. But it all converts to stupidity, and political leaders are at the top of the ladder.

But it’s all short term, and the end isn’t going to be pretty.

Ultimately everybody having the bomb could help.

In the US, we say, keeping a gun in every house keeps the bad-guys away. And maybe that can be extended to the Middle East (though I worry about trigger-happy wackos). Can the Middle East leaders control them?

We need an incentive!

But where is the incentive in “Peace?” Wars are profitable (to Lockheed and Northrup). And from that and other payola comes campaign bribes and media buys. It’s called “cash flow!”

Transparency International has done an excellent job at ranking countries and their honesty in government. The U.S. ranks 24th on their “Corruption Index” (NOT 1st, incidentally. That goes to New Zealand, followed by the socialist countries.)

But give us this… we have the best politicians money can buy!

But, it turns out, we Americans are not interested. We like free-market capitalism, but we DO NOT like crony-capitalism and payola-based taxes and corrupt politicians. The former has longevity and the letter does not.

Can we get there before we have another revolution?

I would favor getting all of the world’s leaders to agree on one form of honest government. Countries who have this honest government are included, the others have to change before they are allowed in the pact. I’d start with public funded campaigns (I’ve seen nothing better) and include term limits and after-government employment restrictions (see more at

No, Eric Cantor. Your $3.4 million job is not allowed, even if it did result from being unelected!

And Eric Holder? Give me a friggin’ break.

But then, I am weird. I have Indian blood and am proud as hell to support the “Redskins” name when used by sports teams! Go figure.

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