Problems with the VA…

The VA needs money and so do the corporations that fund the campaigns? What would a smart politician do?

By Jack E. Lohman

I’m critical of the VA leaders who kiss the boots of the politicians, and the politicians who’d rather spend taxpayer cash on tax breaks and subsidies for the rich Fat Cats that fund their elections. And instead call for the “privatization” that has failed three times in the past.

Though “vouchers” for private care are a potential solution, short term, they will also lead to new innovations in fraud. Heavy penalties are recommended.

Indeed we have problems with “bureaucrats” in every public sector, both state and federal, thanks much to the cash their unions give to politicians. But the “easy cash” mode is best corrected by OVERSIGHT (!), and I’d prefer that by private hooligans rather than more public bureaucrats. But as well, I’d open transparency to the public and press, and install heavy consequences for fraud.

Our problem are the corrupt politicians…

They rule on the basis of what’s best for their campaign wallet as opposed to public need. Health care deficiencies (and virtually every other issue, including the economy) would simply not exist if our politicians were not pocketing a share of the profits.

Se here we are. Nothing works. Except paying off the healthcare industry. And we have politicians to prove it.

Importantly, doctors treat patients regardless of where the money comes from. Medicaid, Medicare, the VA, Tricare, BadgerCare, private insurers, you name it. All of these people are money-handlers, some better than others but in ALL cases we don’t need politicians.

Which is best? Hey, let’s do a trial!

In Wisconsin! Single-payer, covering 100% using one of the above payers. But eliminate the bureaucracies. If patients need care, give them care!

Now clearly we have problems of fraud… in all sectors. We MUST find out more about PTSD, and how to detect fraud and false claims. I don’t know anything about it, but it seems very volatile. But when done, a properly funded and properly run VA system (or whatever) is what this country needs as a single-payer healthcare system. Physicians should be salaried (and should not be paid a bonus).

But we need private oversight and ZERO politician involvement.

For others not in the trial optional vouchers seem smart when a particular hospital is overcrowded. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water… and remember, privates can give campaign bribes and publics cannot! (Duh, wonder why the politicians want to keep the system broken? And free of single-payer?)



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