Yes Healthcare can be fixed…

But Scott, will the insurance industry permit it?

By Jack E. Lohman

Absolutely, ObamaCare is terrible, and it will implode on its own.

But that is zero reason for Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker to continue with his head in his wallet. His 12 highest contributors from the insurance industry were from other states, and paid his campaign over $1 million dollars out of his $39 million total. But what the hell, he’s all we have (for the moment).

IF Walker were smart he’d implement a single-payer system by expanding BadgerCare to 100% of Wisconsin’s people, and move our “jobs” program to first in the nation (from 35th or so, as it is now). Businesses would relocate to the “healthcare” state and more jobs would be created.

But that would replace the insurance profits, and $1 million in cash to Governor Walker would not have been received. Or received in the future. And he’d lose a lot of Karl Rove and ALEC support, who both receive funding from the industry.

Isn’t Walker great?

Understand this…

  1. YES the taxpayers would pick up the healthcare bill.
  2. And YES, the taxpayers are CURRENTLY picking up the bill, both in lost jobs and increased product prices.

*PLUS* the 20% extra that is needed to compensate the insurance industry and lobbyists.

And if congress were smart they’d allow people to sign into the Medicare plan. Just take the current plan and remove the words “65 years and older! And we would SAVE billions of dollars compared to ObamaCare.”

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