Egypt? Now THAT is democracy!!!

Let’s hope our military has the balls to throw out “our” corrupt politicians! The D’s are sleeping with one set of crooks and the R’s with another, all while their political friends gut America.

by Jack E. Lohman

Sorry, Mr. Obama is part of the problem. At least he must stand for re-election. And all of congress must stand for re-election. New candidates, different rules.

Yes, Obama and congressional incumbents may run, again, and some may be re-elected. But only the good ones, which are few.

I am, admittedly, bothered by some aspects of this. What if “changing of the guard” becomes a habit? What if our election renders a 55% win and the other 45% immediately demonstrate?

A reliable public opinion poll must be created a year after every election, asking, “How is government performing? Should new elections be held?”

Call it “Refreshing America!”

Campaigns must be publicly funded. No private cash. Narrow the candidate field to four with primaries… up the funding for the general election… implement ranked-choice and none-of-the-above voting.

Licensed media lose their license if they run political ads outside of the public system within 60 days prior to the election. They should be able to agitate and report on bad politicians and policies, but Fat Cat (bribery) control of the elections must be stopped.

The Supreme Court?

Yes, and the Constitution too, where necessary. The constitution was written by some very intelligent Americans, but they weren’t perfect. Their experiences 200+ years ago have been totally distorted by the greed of moneyed interests now driving our country. It is time to tweak the rules, and every 100 years thereafter, if decided by the citizens.

Our problems in the US are massive, and the fixes equally massive. Because we’ve been too trusting in the past. But we either work hard now or face a bloody rebellion where some of our loved ones give their lives.

One Response to Egypt? Now THAT is democracy!!!

  1. If I were in charge (I’m not) I’d have immediate elections with two candidates from each side, even Morsi (and I’d use “ranked choice voting”). Though if both sides do not agree to live with the results it is probably a waste of time.