Thank God for political corruption!!!

Did *I* say that?

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, I’m a gun supporter, though I also support many of the anti-gun proposals, like expanded and rigorous background checks. And fixing the system so only good guys can get guns.

But I fear that, given the chance, some on the anti-gun side could carry this whole issue too far, though I don’t believe that we’d ever ban guns from the home. Especially since the NRA owns our politicians. (And frankly, neither would the public support a total ban.)

Importantly, this whole issue is controlled by the gun industry and its campaign cash, rather than the people, and there I object. The senators should have followed the advice of their constituents, as much as I or my gun friends may have disagreed.

That said, this is a “little fire!”

It is the effect, not the cause. This senate battle is a small piece of this nation’s puzzle. Our politicians should vote for what’s in the best interest of the nation, not their wallet. But that is not what they did.

Problem is, we voters do NOT hold their feet to the fire, so why should they worry? We voters are distracted to taking care of our families, and ourselves, and are NOT watching our backs.

And our politicians love that, because they are then free to pass laws that benefit their contributors.

Corruption at the top…

No corporation, and no government, could survive a constant yet escalating dipping into the assets. But these ripoff artists will pocket what they can, and then try to move to a country that will respect their cash. WE (as the ones being ripped off) will ultimately be pleased with the outcome (IF we live long enough).

Because one of several outcomes will occur. Either the pirates will get them, or even their own security detail will become corrupt. Or the local politicians will become greedy crooks, if they aren’t already, and declare that their money was illegally obtained and must be turned over to the government. Either way they will not die happy people.

I am so sad for them…  🙂

But OUR problem is…

We keep re-electing the politicians on the belief that they will protect US from THEM! Or we believe in their party, whether Democrat or Republican.  “WE” are not real bright.

What really matters is “who funds their campaign?” And it is almost NEVER the voters.

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