Our media heroes, crying all the way to the bank.

And these propagandists just don’t want to “get it!”

By Jack E. Lohman

A large percentage of the campaign bribes filter down to the Main Stream Media in terms of TV ads, and yes, Bill O’Reilly receives much of it.

So guys, I understand. You benefit financially from a broken political system and to fix it would shut off major funding. Greed is funny that way.

I blame the voters, however, some of whom are contributors but most of whom are simply trying to keep food on the table. And they drink the Kool-Aide of our “esteemed politicians,” as they call themselves.

No, the Fox News guy should not have been politically targeted. But I also do not agree that journalists should automatically be given a halo and the freedom to do what they want. I’d rather that in this case we appoint an independent council.

But that said, WHY does the media deserve ANY expanded protections when they are part of the problem? Do we give terrorists the same when they call themselves “reporters” or work for Al Jazeera?

And this thing with the IRS dancing lessons?

Yes, I am sure there are private employees that actually NEED “diversion” lessons. But a government entity? At government wages? At taxpayer expense?

Give me a friggin’ break! This is a clear sign of incompetent management at the top. All because they have no oversight! Who was the highest level employee that approved this???

There are other stupid examples. And this disclosure is clearly prompted by the Republicans who are disjointed as hell, and very upset that they have lost the public trust. And they refuse to admit that this (and others) likely went on under Republican presidents as well.

But 2014 is almost upon us and they have to act fast.

So we have the media…

… choosing to make a big deal over this, and they should. BUT they also choose to totally ignore what is really killing the rest of the country, the political payola! (And theirs too, incidentally.)

Our politicians are close behind those in Mexico, and they have our Supreme Court behind them.

We need a whistle blower in every government division AND a totally independent and privatized oversight group, staffed by do-gooders who are appointed by ONLY the state legislators!

2 Responses to Our media heroes, crying all the way to the bank.

  1. Keith says:

    It is impossible for me to conceive of a situation where I would trust our state legislators to appoint a “do-gooder” They wouldn’t know one if they saw one. My Assemblyman, Jeff Stone, who carries water for ALEC is devoid of morals.