If I were Jamie Dimon or George Soros…

I’d spend my excess cash on the politicians who write the rules and the voters who drink the Kool-Aide!

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, I’d spend plenty of money on “educating” the dumbo voters to my way of thinking. Those poor suckers who unknowingly are paying the bill and don’t realize it. But I’d ensure that whatever happens, I’d get a big piece of the action.

And I’d hope the voters don’t get smart!

“Only two things cause war; greed and religion.” And I’d add hunger to that, of which we are heading fast.

All are bad… the Fat Cat CEOs who will do anything to keep their $50 million salaries, even screw the public. Think “bankers.” And the union bosses who may make only $400k, but want more members to pay dues. That side of the crony-market is not very pretty.

But I blame mostly our trusted politicians, who supposedly represent the people but play them for fools. BOTH Democrat and Republicans alike. Congressmen who supposedly hold their morals high but are the first to roll over. Or pass laws that look good but have loopholes that they can benefit from.

And I’d look for voters who think 100% of their side are good people and 100% of the other side are bad.

Because THEY are the most easily fooled, and it is they and the other side who are funding our demise. Both in terms of cash dollars and political votes. And they are gullible and don’t have the time to find the truth.

OR they are fighting the little fires that — though a win would be great — will never be fixed as long as campaign bribes is driving its outcome.

But 2014 can be different.

We must — absolutely MUST — force a near-100% turnover, both at the state and federal level.

Obviously we have good guys, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warner, and they could be reelected without spending a dime. But then we have Max Baucus and Jim DeMint who saw the handwriting on the wall and resigned, and the public will be better off because of it. Now we await Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid’s retirement papers.

WE voters can force this turnover!

By supporting NEW candidates at both the state and federal level. And they must promise only one thing: political reform. Public funding of campaigns. Government benefits equal to private industry.

And if they get voted in and don’t keep their promise, they get voted out!

We have tons of politicians that already fit that category.

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