Benghazi and false WMD’s should tell us one thing…

… that neither political party is competent, both are corrupt, and we need a near-100% turnover in 2014! But are we voters prepared to save our country?

By Jack E. Lohman

Clearly, Benghazi (a) occurred at a very inconvenient time, just prior to the election, (b) a Democratic cover-up ensued, and (c) the right-wing Republicans and their paid-off media are now having a heyday.

And Karl Rove absolutely LOVES it! Even though the R’s did the same.

The Republicans have one thing in mind: 2014, and to make Democrats look bad.

When instead the top priority should be getting rid of the incompetent bureaucrats and making sure it never happens again.

But that advice could also be given to us voters!

Political change is absolutely necessary… most certainly eliminating the campaign bribes that are so prevalent and (thus far) have been labeled by the US Supreme Court as “perfectly legal.”

Surprising, because I thought SCOTUS was supposed to PROTECT democracy rather than destroy it.

Our country is being run by the moneyed interests. The defense industry, petroleum industry, banking industry, drug industry, and every other “industry” you can think of.

All because “industry” gives more campaign cash than non-industry!!!

Both my far-right and far-left friends should be concerned about this. We MUST eliminate the political corruption and corporate ripoffs, or our kids will pay dearly. That is, IF they even survive the coming rebellion.

  • Our politicians worry about getting re-elected more than running a proficient, safe country, and their campaign contributors LOVE it!
  • We MUST replace them with (preferably) third-party types running on the center-left or center-right ticket. NOT those on the extremes.
  • Then we MUST push for corporate reforms!!! (I hate regulations, but worse are non-regulations and free-for-all crony capitalism that dips into the pockets of the poor.)
  • We MUST give shareholders a binding vote, and if they don’t like the results… pull out and invest elsewhere!
  • But more than anything we MUST force public funding of campaigns! And vote ONLY for those supporting it.
  • Patent law must be reformed, but not while our politicians are on the payroll of corporations.

NONE of the little fires will be extinguished until we eliminate the cash bribes.

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