Is there a happy center?

Sorry to say, both the R and D voters are at fault. We are both drinking the Kool-Aid and accepting the self-benefiting garbage out of the mouths of our politicians. The guys we should trust the most, are the biggest crooks.

By Jack E. Lohman

I am usually Republican, though not always, and I blast the R’s as frequently as the D’s. The center-right wants fairness and the far-right wants it all. The center-left also wants fairness, while the far-left wants it all (handed to them!). At least, that’s how some on the right see it.

Problem is, they have both gone too far, and it is up to the sensible to recognize that and bring us back to the center. Yes the greedy have taken over the far right and the folks looking for a handout have taken over the far left.  Though they will argue that they have been forced into handouts, and to some extent that is true.

I expect more argument from the lefties, but just think of it: when Food Stamps and Welfare and free cell phones are more attractive than actually working, to some, we have a serious problem. When teacher’s unions fight for smaller class sizes because it creates the need for more teachers paying dues and union bosses take home $300K salaries, we have a problem.

But the lefties aren’t totally wrong! Or lazy.

They are pissed because the righties have locked up all the jobs and they can’t support their families. And they are right. Investors want outsourcing because it is cheaper labor, and they give cash bribes to encourage the politicians to write the rules to make it all happen. Thanks much to NAFTA and CAFTA signed by Bill Clinton for this.

But we “voters” allowed this to happen. WE voters are polarized and lied to and sidetracked and divided. We must come together, and soon.

With politicians the trick is “win with money and bribery!” It works every time, and we voters take the hit because we don’t know how to stop it.

But there *IS* a way. Right now it’s called public funding of campaigns and it is less costly than our current system of bribery. And if we do it now, in 2014, we will head off this future prospect of armed rebellion.

Here’s an interesting issue for you.

Congress Packs Defense Bills with Millions in Pork, The people of Ohio want jobs and don’t see the danger of building needless defense materials at taxpayer expense. I blame the politicians who simply want money and don’t care how they get it. Defense is a money-maker for them. The American people are scared and the politicians are taking advantage of it. We MUST show them the door!

See Armed, Overbearing and Dangerous

We (in Milwaukee) have started a small group to throw the bastards out. See or contact me at if you want to do the same in your area.

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