ObamaCare, can Walker fix a broken promise?

Indeed, but it’ll take a change in direction!

By Jack E. Lohman

ObamaCare is so bad that even congress and the staffers want to opt out. And they should, because it is overly complex and WILL self-implode if left on its own.

But our Governor Scott Walker can prevent it from taking down Wisconsin in the process. We have far too many other fires to fight.

What this state needs is a single-payer health care system, paid for by the taxpayers rather than through product prices. We should free employers and businesses from this misdirected burden, drastically curtail the unneeded administrative costs, and simply do what is right.

(Here’s the national proposal, HR676, and it isn’t all bad. Can we adapt it?)

Call it BadgerCare Gold or whatever, but call it workable!

It will be a Republican fix, and the Dems likely won’t like it.

Until they try it, and it moves the state ahead.

Businesses will love it. They’ll now spend their time on marketing and growth, rather than costly health care benefits. And moving their employees to part time. New businesses (and jobs!) will relocate here because we’ll have a business-friendly climate. It’s a win-win for Wisconsin and Walker!

Understand that BadgerCare is simply a billing system, and we’ll still need one. But its payments to physicians and hospitals should be adjusted to match Medicare’s plus 10%. And incidentally, all physicians and hospitals will remain privately owned, though insurers and the Wal-Marts of the world may now opt into the health care business. And insurance employees can become higher-paid caregivers instead.

From the patient’s standpoint it’s simple: you get sick, you get care, and the caregiver gets paid. By BadgerCare Gold if you are under 65, or by Medicare if you are 65+. “Employment” is not a factor. And if you want outside insurance at your expense, have at it.

Simple as that. And things that are simple are also less expensive.

Okay Texas, try this one on for size!

4 Responses to ObamaCare, can Walker fix a broken promise?

  1. Bob Dohnal says:

    Baloney, single payer is single disaster, look at how Canada has changed.

    • Typical industry hogwash. In surveys 80% of Canadians prefer their system to ours, but this is the USA. If you don’t like single-payer, opt out at your own expense.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the idea. We cannot afford the Obamacare. I would even be willing to pay a regular premium to stay on my Badgercare.