Reagan was right. Government *IS* the problem!

So, the US Postal service has decided to postpone its cancellation of Saturday deliveries. Good thing; congress just passed a law preventing same!

By Jack E. Lohman

Though I’d more specifically say, “congressional payola is the problem.” Congress wants to put the post office on a death spiral.

Let’s look first at WHY the post office is in trouble.

  1. Earlier, the Fax technology took a share of it’s business…
  2. Then people started sending emails and announcements and paying their bills online…
  3. Then Congress got involved and demanded that the post office prepay its retirement costs 75 years in advance!

And congress did NOT do the same to its competitors, FedEx and UPS. Of course these competitors could give campaign cash and the post office couldn’t, so overall, the USPS got screwed. For a price.

If I were running the show…

  1. I’d eliminate about 80% of the offices, and move much of those remaining into Walgreens, CVS, Walmarts and Targets.
  2. I’d cut the delivery to every other day (but 6 days per week). Monday-Wednesday-Friday on route 1, Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday on route 2.
  3. And I’d do that with 1/3rd the delivery staff and trucks, unions be damned. I’d save the company and save their jobs.
  4. And if that left the employees with free time, I’d open banks in the stores. Our current banks need some real competition, don’cha know.

As it is today the post office trucks deliver UPS and FedEx packages to rural locations, and in return these two companies fly overnight packages for the post office. That’s a good back-scratching arrangement that must have been arranged without congress getting involved. I’d leave it as is.

And to our honorable (and outspoken) congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), a former business owner (worth over $200 million), I’d ask: “What would you do had you found that one of your employees was taking cash bribes from your competitor and giving away corporate assets on the side?” You’d probably have him jailed, though I’m sure execution would be on your mind.

Shouldn’t we treat our congress-crooks likewise?

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