The “little fires” start from the Big One!

I have great respect for those who target poverty.  But they must take care not to be misdirected.

By Jack E. Lohman

I would have expected the United Nations and UNICEF to understand that you cannot run a successful company (or economy) with crooks at the top, as is our U.S. Congress.

They state — without pointing to why — that…

The United States is No. 1 on many other lists: It spends more on the military than the next 12 nations on the list combined; it’s the best in the world at imprisoning people; and it has the most obese people, the highest divorce rate, and the highest rate of both illicit and prescription drug use.

Of course obesity and divorce are personal issues, but it is not hard to tie high military spending to defense industry campaign contributions, and high prison rates and illicit drug utilization to campaign bribes from the private prison corporations and prison guard unions, and high prescription drug use to pharmaceutical industry campaign bribes.

These are not just “tied to,” but are “driven by” campaign bribes. Our politicians have a public acceptance rate of about 10%, and for good reason: about 2% of those “likes” are cronies and the other 8% are wannabes who think they know and drink the politician’s Kool-Aide.

The good news is that 90% of the public knows better, though many need help in getting to the finish line.

Where to go from here…

2014 will be a make or break year. 10% of our politicians are “keepers,” 50% are trash and should be eliminated, and 40% are talking a blue streak trying to convince the voters that they are worthwhile.

Our challenge is figuring out the truth, and doing something about it.

And crucially, getting voters to cross party lines if the “other guy” is better on the corruption issue.

Nothing else matters! We MUST narrow this to an “our congressman” basis, or it will never work! *WE* — in our own district — must put forth the best congressman that we can muster.

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