Terror is a byproduct!

If we want it to stop we must quit playing the game.

By Jack E. Lohman

Unfortunately, now, it must be expected.

Our politicians have put our country on the line, for their own pocketbook, and that you or I don’t like it doesn’t matter.

Come up with enough cash if you want it to stop. Outbid the Lockheeds of the world, if you can.

We don’t know yet who was behind Boston,

… but I’d ask the perpetrators “Do you really want our world controlled by the likes of you?”

(Forget it. We could ask our politicians the same question!)

I personally wonder,

… would ANY of this be happening if our politicians used the defense manufacturers for national protection rather than as a source of campaign bribes?

And bribes from the recipient governments on the other side of the Atlantic?

Or would we be spending only what’s necessary to protect our people?

If our politicians were not relying on this payola, would we be spending taxpayer money on defense products that “exceeds the next 12 nations on the list combined?”

If our politicians were not getting a piece of the action, would we have placed our country in the position of policing the world?

If our politicians were not corrupt, would the U.S. be crossing everybody else’s borders, even while no one is crossing ours?

Would the U.S. have experienced September 11, 2001, or Boston, or the others, or spent billions on the TSA or Homeland Security?

I don’t think so. War may be hell, but it’s also very profitable.

2 Responses to Terror is a byproduct!

  1. It is disappointing to hear right-wing zealots criticizing Obama for using the word “tragedy” rather than their chosen “terrorism.” Do these zealots have nothing else to do but make this an anti-Democratic issue? For the record it IS a tragedy that in all likelihood is also terrorism, but I’d support the parents of the killed kids sending you the middle finger. Get real.

  2. And now, is the Boston terror related?

    How can it not be? Would this have happened if the US policy was to stay home and mind our own business?