Lockheed and it’s bought politicians must love it!

Isn’t it a shame that North and South Korea are needlessly spending their country’s money on stupid defense systems?  And U.S. taxpayer cash to boot!

By Jack E. Lohman

Instead of on needed schools and development?

The answer is “Yea, but school kids don’t give campaign cash.” At least that’s what the answer would be here in America.

Indeed the North has a novice leader, taking his cues from a military who wants to keep itself needed and employed. But come to think of it, aren’t we Americans in the same boat?

I often wonder “Can’t we just get along? Is there ANY legitimate reason to cross someone else’s border and throw rocks?”

And then I remember, I live in the U.S.. That’s what we do. Or more accurately “That’s what our politicians ARE PAID to do.” By the Lockheeds of the world. The people who make tanks and war planes and drones. It keeps them in business.

I don’t blame the lobbyists, except when they give cash bribes. Otherwise they are doing what their clients tell them do do… educating our legislators.

But our “legislators” have turned into political crooks, prostitutes who say “Yea, lobby me, but with cash in hand!”

It is hard to accept that we have politicians who must rely so heavily on political graft. Do they not have kids and grandkids who will have to live in the country they leave behind?

I’m a capitalist…

But I don’t support crony capitalism. I’d trust most any political decision if I knew that it was reached honestly, without our politicians getting a piece of the action.

But that’s not the way our world of politics works. The United States didn’t reach #24 on Transparency International’s corruption index by being lazy. And yes, I said #24th, NOT 1st! That went to one of those socialist countries (New Zealand).

Cyprus is just the beginning…

They had a run on their banks, and it will happen here too. Though prosecuting Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, presidents of our two largest banks, could forestall that.

Remember that “people” cause runs on banks, and we Americans are getting nervous.

Don’t look to President Obama to avoid that; he is part of the problem. He is even now capitulating on his promise not to cut Social Security and Medicare, because his corporate cronies want our money spent on their projects instead. And of course, their tax breaks.

The bottom line is that no one, conservative or liberal, would object to an honest political system.

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