When half the country thinks it’s right, nothing will get fixed. And that’s what the Pols count on.

The Tea Party has whittled down the R’s, and now we must trim the D’s and convert to a four-party system!

By Jack E. Lohman

The best way is to develop a center party.

Our government has gotten too damned big, because they control your life and politicians get a piece of the action. Watch this 3.5 minute video, then do something about it!

ObamaCare is as destructive as RomneyCare, but don’t tell the R’s that. The only reason Obama didn’t get R support is that the R’s knew it would pass nonetheless. So they sat it out and played the heroes.

All because BOTH SIDES were bought and paid for by the healthcare industry, with $125 million in campaign bribes!!! The system is broken and the politicians want to keep it that way.

In this war the public is the loser. Not the government and not the politicians. We, guys, are being played for fools. And as long as we fight the little fires and avoid the big one, our enemies (the politicians) are home free. Live with it!

If the R’s were smart…

They’d realize that it was more the dirty money and less their position on immigration that cost them the 2012 election. But politicians are more greedy than they are smart, so I don’t see an immediate change.

We can change it in 2014!!!

If you are a hard-core D or R, don’t read any further. We are NOT your supporters. But IF you want to fix the political system, you CAN!

Because YOU own it.

It’s called Single Issue Voting. Or better, “Mr. Politician, fix the system or you’re outta here!”

I never thought I’d have to “force” my politicians to be honest, or to do the right thing. But here we are. The Mafia-types have taken over our government, all while WE bury our heads in the sand.

The center-right and center-left are pretty reasonable people, but they need motivation. Watch Dylan Ratigan and then LET’S DO IT!

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