Political corruption is killing America!

Without political bribes we’d have no little fires to battle.

By Jack E. Lohman

I’m 75 and have fought against political bribery for over 15 years, and frankly there is nothing else that matters.

There are a lot of “little fires.” Like wars (that kill our troops and destroy our nation’s reputation), and mining issues that (likely) pollute or poison our well water, and jobs (that have been outsourced to low-wage countries), and health care (that has been outsourced to the for-profit insurance industry, which they absolutely love), and the drug war (where we lock up pot smokers and let terrorists walk free).

But in all of this, only ONE thing really matters: that our trusted politicians are padding their pockets to make it all happen.

The defense industry makes a lot of money manufacturing and selling tanks and drones to us taxpayers. And they share their profits with the politicians to keep the wars going. Surely we’d have to shift those jobs to peacetime projects, but the taxes and lives saved would be immeasurable.

But even that’s not the worse case…

We voters are being taken to the cleaners. We drown ourselves in the little fires while our esteemed congressmen and president pick our pockets. I don’t (so much) blame the lobbyists or companies that have employees and shareholders to satisfy. I blame the politicians who have gained our trust and then give away our democracy, all to pad their own wealth. (In China they execute corrupt politicians. And we do nothing?)

There *IS* a solution, but it is going to take the voters, and likely only those in the center 20-40% will be willing to set aside the “little fires” long enough to fix the big fire. But that’s all that is needed.

It’s called “single-issue” voting. In 2014 we must ignore all of the little fires and vote for the ONE issue that matters: POLITICAL REFORM! Public funding of campaigns!

We pay for the campaigns anyway, with higher taxes and higher product prices. So let’s pay for them directly, and at one-tenth the cost. And let’s OWN our politicians, rather than having them owned by the Fat Cats like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson and Karl Rove.

With politicians not on the payroll of special interests, it would not matter whether they were Democrat or Republican. They’d be working for the best interest of the nation and its people.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i completely agree!!! america will fall from grace if something is not done soon.our jobs going to china was just a way to line there pockets even if it comes at the cost of our country