So Walker now has the support of the mining union…

Look, unions are no different than anyone else. Threaten their jobs and they’ll grovel for anything else they can get their hands on.

By Jack E. Lohman

I don’t blame them, or anyone else looking to improve their station in life. Even the lobbyists.

But I *DO* blame the corrupt politicians who pretend to be little Gods while they take campaign bribes to do anything and everything to advance their personal wealth, even against the best interests of the state or nation.

Does that sound like our Governor Scott Walker to you? A guy that (1) opposes campaign finance reform, and (2) received $30 million and untold out-of-state financial support to get (3) elected and (4) re-elected in a recall election?

You bet.

But I’m not impressed. Note that I wouldn’t care if the state was run by Righties or Lefties, if I knew that they were not taking cash bribes on the side. I prefer an honest government, which we do not have.

We, people, have a very serious problem …

And we must get our hands around it soon! Or crash!

This is not a Democrat versus Republican problem… it is “class warfare.” And politicians willing to take advantage of the money at the top. It is not kookie Righties or wacko Lefties, it is that politician guy that will tell you why the other party is at fault, and avoids discussion of his payola.

Come 2014 we have a chance. The Tea Partiers should destroy the R’s, and the progressives in the center-20% must take out the flaky Dems. We need politicians who “create,” not just “take”.

Both sides have their head in the sand. Politicians spend taxpayer cash because they are paid campaign bribes to spend taxpayer cash, simple as that. It’s called payola… political corruption. Money works!!! Always has and always will. ONLY public funding of campaigns will get these bastards off the special interest payroll.

ONLY a near-100% turnover in 2014 will give us back our democracy.

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