Rand Paul was 100% correct, as far as he went.

One day, drones will be used domestically, to break up demonstrations against our corrupt political leaders. Though Americans will die, maybe then we’ll vote the bastards out.

By Jack E. Lohman

And, why did the DEMOCRATS sit out this debate??? WHY did it take MONTHS for Paul to get an answer from Obama???

Laws know no bounds, especially when in the hands of politicians who want to maintain their power. And a defense manufacturer who wants to build more rather than fewer, and is willing to share the profits with the politicians that make it all happen.

Could that be why we have so many wars?

Drones demolish, they do not just kill bad people. They kill everybody around the hit, including children and innocent adults. They are not precise.

Remember the video of a drone killing a group of bad guys with guns? Turns out they were good guys with cameras, but what the hell. Saying I’m sorry doesn’t reverse it.

Paul’s issue was Americans on American soil!

Our founding constitution requires a trial by jury, not an off-the-cuff flippant decision by President Obama or one of his lackeys.

But it took months (and a senate filibuster) to get an answer from Obama. And probably a statement he was not even in agreement with. I’m not impressed. But to be fair, a Republican would have been no better.

Drones must be limited to war zones, at the very least. But wouldn’t it also be great if our politicians were not getting a piece of the profits when wars are in process?

If we can locate bad guys so precisely with GPS, we need to arrest them and give them a trial. Not bomb them.

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