I say, what the hell…

We are not paying our bills anyway, so why not send them to our grandkids?

By Jack E. Lohman

Or not.

Simpson-Bowles are correct: “America cannot be great if we go broke.”

We must quit spending like we have the money, when we don’t.

On free cell phones and food stamp abuses, yes, and on needless state and federal contracts to fund other countries and their rebellions (money which ends up paying bribes to local goons, for the mere privilege of letting us — and our highly-paid special interests — occupy their land.)

And we have goons in the U.S. as well. Our basic problem is age-old — greed — by the bankers and the politicians under their control. And the higher-ups in mining and defense and oil and … well, you get the point.  We need bigger jails.

We voters have given the keys to the hen-house to the foxes, and we must take them back. Politicians we thought would lead turned into major co-crooks.

The 10% cut forces cuts in waste.

Let each agency manager cut his own budget, because he knows where the waste is. Obama doesn’t. (Actually, Obama misreads his purpose, and should be bribed with a billion dollars to just get lost.)

Social Security — Massive attacks by the people who don’t need it. The Fat Cats that fund the elections want the money spent on their projects, not yours. And they’ll bribe the politicians to get it.

If there is fraud it should be stopped, but the program is the best Ponzi scheme ever, and will fail only when the country fails. Without SSI we’d have more people on food stamps, unless we plan to eliminate that too. And if we delay the entry by geezers for two years, what happens to the need for jobs at the other end?

Medicare — Yes it has problems and should be fixed. But not destroyed. It is 95% private. I’m on Medicare and go to the same doctor and hospital I have for 20 years. No stone is left unturned, though I suspect I get over-treated occasionally. But that’s my fault.

At the very least it should be expanded to 100% of the population, which would save America $400 billion in excessive costs and create jobs galore, by removing health care as an employer expense. But the campaign bribes from the insurance and health care industries have blocked that, thanks to our politicians who pocketed the bribes.

The alternative is not bad… socialized medicine. It works!

Translation: I support sequestration; but I prefer that Obama were not calling the shots.

I fret over corporate profits versus bureaucratic waste. But even more so about our political crooks selling our democracy.

2 Responses to I say, what the hell…

  1. Jack, I think you and to many people miss the BIG point re social Security money.
    1 – SS Trust Fund money is transferred into the sticky, bank bought and paid for hands of the FED.
    2 – the FED gives the SS Administration IOU’s.
    3 – the FED lends this money to banks and other lending institutions, including offshore banks. (the banks can use this money to buy American bonds and get tax paid for interest, on tax payers money, banks can also use this money for politician campaign contributions)
    4 – the FED goes to Congress and asks to raise the SS retirement age, now 67, so the IOUs either never have to be paid off, or at best paid off slower. ie THE FED DOES NOT HAVE TO ASK THE BANKS FOR OUR MONEY BACK TO PAY THE IOUs.
    Why don’t more people understand this.
    Also, close to Three (3) Trillion Dollars of the national deficit is these very IOUs. Thus a portion of the deficit is PHONY!!!!
    You all understand this FAKERY-QUACKERY use of your money????

  2. I do not understand all aspects of the cash flow, Eugene, but I do know one thing… *IF* our trusted politicians were not getting cash bribes, “payola” in the form of campaign donations, THEY would make sure that SSI and Medicare and *ALL* taxpayer money would be treated to the benefit of all Americans. But as it is, protecting the Average American that DOES NOT fund their campaigns is not going to happen.