We don’t have a spending problem?

And we elected this guy?

By Jack E. Lohman

Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.

But I expect that we’ll keep spending like hell, ultimately drive the country into bankruptcy, and then start selling off government property.

Oh yea. They call that “privatizing!”

Unless we have a revolution or military takeover in the meantime. We’ll need a new constitution and everything will get fixed then. And we’ll have new leaders like in Egypt, but we’ll use guns instead of rocks.

Are we having fun yet?

The Fat Cats will be, because they’ll own most of the nation’s assets. Be happy; they might give you a job.

The Keystone Pipeline? It might be the right thing to do, but I’d sure feel better if the decision to install were being made by scientists and politicians who were not being paid cash dollars for “scientific research” and campaign contributions. You know, bribes. And I’d rather its oil be earmarked for America rather than for export, as it is.

I frankly don’t want my well poisoned, especially needlessly, or our federal waters polluted, even if our political system is. How do these politicians face their families?

And no, I don’t support wind technology. Turbines are mechanical and require maintenance, and could some day be affected by climate changes. no wind! I’ve seen too many windmills not turning.

But Solar makes sense, though we’ll play hell in getting it. It doesn’t require a pipeline and doesn’t (yet) export easily, but remember that government payola brought us Solyndra, with the great majority of campaign bribes going to the Dems.

I’m sure glad they’re not left out.

Don’t get me wrong, I do support some political corruption.

Like gun ownership, and I thank the Lord that the NRA, which I dislike, owns our corrupt politicians. I believe that, with all of the nuts on the street, allowing guns in schools is a super deterrent. Bad guys (and bad cops) will always get guns. The good guys should get them too.

But I don’t support the free cell phones the government is now handing out like Food Stamps, but what the hell.

We absolutely must do things differently.

When what you are doing no longer works, quit doing it. And that goes doubly for corruption in politics (like Scott Walker’s latest ploy).

And for the record, spending results from campaign bribes. Greed and corruption permeate our political system. Republicans and Democrats alike should face the prosecution avoided by bankers.

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