Let’s eliminate the Money in Politics!

Government’s wasteful spending is 80% due to campaign bribes and 20% to self-serving bureaucrats! To deny either would be foolish. Get the money out of politics and we’ll solve both.

By Jack E. Lohman

And wars, healthcare, environmental differences, the war on drugs, and everything else.

There *IS* a fix, but it will take voter guts and determination:

Voters willing to break with tradition, because “tradition” hasn’t worked. *NOW* is the time that we take the reigns.

All of the following is true:

  • Money works! Nothing happens in Washington without campaign money changing hands.
  • Lobbyist money is NOT spent to stop government spending; only to increase it and get more of your tax dollars!
  • Campaign money drives spending and spending drives high taxes and greater debt.
  • Wars are profitable and campaign spending by defense manufacturers drives wars. Politicians then share in the booty.
  • Over 90% of incumbents are re-elected, because money works!

And THAT is where we must concentrate in future elections.

The key going forward!

Only one thing matters: cash bribes and who owns our politicians.

Single-Issue Voting (SIV) and getting MoneyOuttaPolitics (.org) are the solutions. It does not matter whether you hate the D’s more than the R’s, or the reverse. SIV is the only way out of our quagmire.  We can fix it overnight with a clean sweep.

Put all other issues aside, because they are affected by the same problem at the top… MONEY … SIV will tilt the tables our way.


Support only candidates, regardless of party, that agree to support public funding of campaigns. And vote them OUT of office if they refuse or renege! (Other links: MoneyOuttaPolitics.org)

Maybe presidential term limits will fix our system. It *IS* the cash bribes, and Obama has an incentive to eliminate them.

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