The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction on elections!

Congress can nullify Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo. They are now and always have been invalid court decisions.

By Jack E. Lohman

Members of Congress have rolled over to the Supreme Court because it benefits them. On Citizens United and the 1976 Buckley catastrophes, one ruled that corporate money is equal to people money (Citizens United), and the other that money is speech. But they are both invalid.

Read Thom Hartmann’s Important! Newt is right about the Supreme Court  WATCH THIS!

The nation’s political system is broken, and congress wants to keep it that way. They have (very conveniently) allowed the Supreme Court to be the boss, all while they continue to rake in the cash from the Fat Cats that fund their elections. (On health care it was $125 million in campaign bribes from our middle-man for-profit insurance and drug companies. How are you liking it so far?)

Yea it is corruption, like Mexico’s. But who cares?

It is payola and bribery, yet both the R’s and the D’s like it just fine. Even while they praise their crooked colleagues. Though all the cash in the world did not change the election in 2012, except that it did work against the Republicans. Maybe they are ready for change.

The “exceptions” clause in the U.S. Constitution (Article III) allows that this “co-equal” branch of government (Congress) can rule its own roost. It can make laws controlling its own funding, and if the Supreme Court disagrees, so be it. The court IS NOT God, though they don’t want to admit that.

The answer is simple, though it’ll take committed politicians. And the center 20-40% of voters!

If you are in the political center, or mad as hell at the corruption, keep reading. The plan is …

  1. The center 20-40% of voters must commit to a single issue (to get money out of politics) regardless of where their efforts have been in the recent past. If on the environment or whatever, keep working on that problem but ONLY allow the money in politics issue to dictate your 2014 congressional vote.
  2. MOP and others (including Reclaim Your Voice) will present a congressional bill that (a) restricts politicians to using ONLY public funding for their campaigns, and (b) makes illegal the process of spending cash (whether from individuals or others) advertising political campaigns.
  3. We voters will lobby the congressmen to support the bill(s), and if they refuse they will be ousted. Unelected!

This type of voter pressure WORKED for the Tea Partiers and it will work again. We cannot sit this one out. Our nation and democracy is at stake.

Frankly, if we eliminate cash bribes it will not matter which political party is in control, because without bribes they will make decisions in the best interest of our nation. Imagine: politicians NOT getting a piece of the action!

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