In Brazil, political corruption is a crime!

Corrupt politicians actually go to jail, a unique concept never to be known in today’s America.

By Jack E. Lohman

This nation is in deep trouble, and we can thank the greed of our trusted politicians for our mess. You know, the crooks we fall all over at their town hall meetings.

They are this nation’s Board of Directors, but they take cash bribes from the competitors, the rich guys. It may be naive of me but I’d rather they didn’t take bribes from either of us.

But we voters are absolutely dense. We accept them as God, the politicians and their flunkies, rather than seeing with our own eyes. Cash bribes affect and control EVERY issue out there, yet we “sheeple” keep fighting the little fires. Like wars and drugs and guns and the environment and taxes and health care and whatever.

Like the conjured up “fiscal cliff.” Indeed we must control government spending and entitlement ripoffs, both at the top and bottom. But to fix our economy we need a Board of Directors that does not get a piece of the action!!! (And incidentally, I know of *NO* small businessmen that make over $250K per year, and those who want to avoid taxes spend their money on growing their business instead of taxable salaries. Duh!!!)

Defense is the biggie, because our politicians have yielded power for a price. But now the manufacturers are too big to battle, and I expect a military takeover sometime in the next 20 years or so. Remember then-General David Petraeus’ comment about Obama, that “he should remember who he is talking to?”

I took his threat seriously.

He knew who was really in charge; the defense manufacturers. And the bankers and pharmaceutical industry and other corporate criminals will join their work to establish a new government. *IF,* that is, the occupy groups and local cops and their guns fail to overturn the oligarchy with their armed and very deadly rebellion.

Like in the Middle-East, but with guns. All while the NRA and gun manufacturers laugh their way to the bank.

This is not a pretty picture, and wasn’t intended to be. It IS a wake-up call. Heed it, or do your own thing.

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