Let’s totally eliminate Medicaid and BadgerCare!!!

But not the way you think! Let people and companies opt into Medicare at cost!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

Why do we have three government healthcare systems anyway? At TRIPLE the administrative costs, ALL funded by the taxpayers???

Even five if you include the VA system and TriCare!

And 1500 private insurers? Why are insurance companies raising rates by up to 20%, when they shouldn’t even be in the system?

The answer is disturbing: Because YOUR politicians are getting a piece of the action.

Why are the politicians arguing about cutting spending and raising tax revenues to avoid this so-called fiscal cliff (that they themselves created)?

The answer is the same. They are caught between those who fund their elections and their constituent voters. The former gives cash bribes and the latter does not.

Health care you’d expect to be sacred.

But the politician crooks see it as a cash opportunity.

Single-payer Medicare-for-all must indeed be good in order to get the insurance industry to give $125 million in campaign bribes to keep it off the table. And Barack Obama was right in the middle of it all: a big part of his re-election cash came from the industry.

And yes, unfortunately, the money worked! So now we have the industry getting while the getting is good.

The best way to protect Medicare is to require that the president and all congressmen be on it.

But aside from that it works, and would be this nation’s BEST EVER jobs bill and provide health care to 100% of Americans and save $400 billion in the process.

We’d pay for it differently, through taxes rather than employers and product prices, but it makes more sense than privatizing Medicare with vouchers, which adds 10-20% for CEO salaries, profits, broker commissions, marketing, legal, and political bribes.

And I admit, Medicare is not utopia. Our fee-for-service way of paying doctors adds 20-30% to the costs (over-utilization, over-billing, upcoding and fraud). But those excessive costs exist with private healthcare as well. And our for-profit hospital system must be eliminated, at least for Medicare patients.

These costs can be reduced with socialized medicine (a VA system for all), but damn, we don’t do anything “socialized.”

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