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Neither the Right nor Left are free of blame when it comes to the demise of our country.

By Jack E. Lohman


YES we have union bosses who seek more members and growth, and we have rich corporate CEOs who are willing to rape the public coffers to get even more than their share. But they BOTH resort to one tactic that works all too well — political bribery — and in all cases we can blame only the politicians who willingly take the money. And fail to constrain the rip-offs of one segment of society to benefit the other, all because they are paid to keep the system broken. And they love it.

Cash works! Always has and always will.

And it is true that we have over-regulation crafted by government bureaucrats who grow their departments because THEY CAN. And politicians who let them because they are not spending their own money, and bigger government gives them more control. And wealth.

And even “under-enforced” (for a price, as Wall Street has shown).

Leftie and Rightie voters alike are to blame, for drinking the Kool-Aide of the politicians that tell the most convincing story. Some are in total awe of their presence and (perceived) wisdom, even as their pocket is being picked.

Are you happy with all of that?

This group isn’t, and if you want to be involved, don’t send money but DO get involved. Either in Milwaukee or start a branch near you.

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