More on the “little fires” — the economy.

It’s not an issue as easy as what “should be” done, or even how to do it.  It *IS* — 100% — what “WILL BE” done with a corrupt congress calling the shots. And that answer is NOTHING!

By Jack E. Lohman

Thanks to Dr. Don McCanne for the link to Robert Kuttner‘s “Economic Recovery and Social Investment.” It is a must-read, as is Dr. McCanne’s daily “Quote-of-the-day Digest” on healthcare issues.

But here’s my problem: 100% of Kuttner’s advice is absolutely correct, but our corrupt politicians get a piece of the take and absolutely zero are passable. Kuttner knows this, and maybe he has written about it, but we MUST eliminate the corruption before we move one step forward. PERIOD!!!

How to eliminate political corruption?

First, the politicians write the rules, and the corruption they love. All of the campaign cash (bribes) keeps them in office, so why would either The D’s or R’s want to change it? And all of these bribes filter down to the mainstream media, in TV ads, so why would they want the system fixed?

They don’t. People making money from the taxpayers like things just as they are. And that includes the Lefties in government.

There are three credible efforts

  1. Move to Amend: An effort to amend the constitution to say that “money is not equal to speech” AND “corporations are not equal to people.” A necessary part of the strategy, but not enough by itself. We must also stop checks from being written to candidates, thus more legislation is needed.
  2. It prohibits politicians from taking money from interests they “mostly” regulate. It increases the revolving door limit to 7 years. It provides every voter $100 tax rebate to contribute to their favored candidate. Activates the DISCLOSE Act (which my Senator Ron Johnson says is terrible, and he must be right).
  3. I like this one. It aims not at the corrupt politicians on the Right and Left, but at the 20% of voters in the center. THEY will demand that the system is cleaned up, and if it isn’t heads will roll.

The MOP group correctly points out that — even today — the politicians could designate their own campaign finance rules under the exceptions clause of Article III of today’s constitution, because we have three co-equal branches of government. The Supreme Court cannot control congress’ method of funding its elections.

However, what the politicians declare as being their funding mechanism will not affect the Koch Brother’s Dark Money contributions for political ads, so Move to Amend AND a corresponding law will need to be passed. (It would seem to me, but I am not an attorney.)

ALL of these efforts are aimed at one thing: political corruption. And if this last election taught us anything it’s that money works!

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