Term Limits? Yea, ONE!!!

Double their terms but limit them to one! Period!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

There is hardly a politician worth more than one term, but let’s give them one double-term nonetheless. But that’s it. No more! Nada!!!

Unless they pass public funding of campaigns. And if they don’t fix our economy and budget deficit in 5 years, we go back to one-term limits until we can get a crew that can.

Until then, throw the political crooks in jail!!!

Yea, wow, that sounds like really extreme. But in China they execute corrupt officials (at least the careless ones).

Our “free market”and crony capitalism is destroying our democracy, mainly because we are free to exercise our greed and cheat those who are not as well informed. And our esteemed politicians are in on the deal.

We transfer wealth from the lower to upper classes. In the recent economy upsurge 93% of all wealth gain went to the top 1% of wage earners. And we voters sat and watched it happen. So did our politicians.

We need a “fair” market instead. We have crony capitalism when we need regulated capitalism, but that will never happen while the “cronies” own the politicians, and the politicians make the rules. Even as to how much freedom they have to accept bribes.

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