In Milwaukee, 200 march for a free Palestine

But they just don’t get it. The defense industry supports this war, so it will continue!

By Jack E. Lohman

And the politicians are paid by the defense industry, in campaign bribes, so live with it!

Or change it, if you think it is possible.

Our hearts go out to those affected. Looking at just the Israeli conflicts, most of which are self-imposed by their politicians, I don’t know the benefit derived by the Netanyahu bunch. Maybe more land means higher taxes and political salaries, but that’s a big price for the Jewish people. Most of whom oppose the wars, as do the Palestinians.

But here we have it. Campaign bribes flow from the Israeli Bigwigs to our politicians, and from the defense manufacturers to our politicians, all while our politicians keep sending American tax money and soldier’s lives to the middle east!!!

And tax money continues to other mid-east countries, which buys American defense weapons AND pads the pockets of their cooperative politicians that keep the fire going. All while our politicians keep getting re-elected. Of course!

And wars? Everybody loves them!

But the money and American lives spent HAS NOT improved the world, and it is time to withdraw our troops from everywhere!!!

We should stay out of the clashes, except that it boosts our politician’s esteem. And pocketbooks, don’cha know?

This is a website about political bribery, not war…

… except that, they can’t be separated. Campaign bribes — especially from the defense manufacturers and suppliers — cause and perpetuate political attitudes that create and sustain wars.

As do the campaign bribes from the investors in manufacturing that bribed your congressmen to pass laws that make it easier to send jobs to low-wage countries.

And the campaign bribes from the bankers and financial industry that benefit the Lloyd Blankfein’s and Jamie Dimon’s of the world, CEOs of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, so theirs and the other Fat Cat salaries hit the $100 million mark. At taxpayer expense.

And the campaign bribes from the Monsanto’s of the world that ensure a hands-off policy on the GMO’s they apply to our foods. If GMOs were good for you, be assured that disclosure would be the rule.

And the campaign bribes from the BP’s and Shell’s of the world to keep hands off of the petroleum industry so they can have their way with gas and energy prices. To hell with the benefits from Green industries.

And the campaign bribes from the FedEx’s and UPS’s of the world to bury the Post Office financially. One can give campaign bribes and the other can’t, so the winner is easy to pick.

And the list goes on. Virtually every major industry owns a piece of your politician.

Isn’t political corruption great? THEIR personal wealth is growing while the economy crashes and jobs go to other countries.

What are you going to do about your corrupt government? Have you ever wondered why others don’t like our form of politicians? Isn’t greed great? It certainly beats harmony and honesty.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jack, You are on target again. That’s why the American Anti-corruption Act is so important. Why not connect your readers to their site?

  2. Thanks for reminding me. This will appear in my next newsletter (send your email to sign up)…

    My friend Keith Roberts is helping launch the Represent.Us effort to get money out of politics so our leaders can represent US! Not big money lobbyists and secret super PACs. The 2012 election will cost around $6 billion when all is said and done. That needs to change. I already signed because this issue is so important. Will you help by adding your name too?

    Represent.US is a new website and a MUST SEE!!! It has the right people behind it, and the issue is right on: Campaign corruption!

    Add your name here:

    Don’t go any further until you see: and it’s companion

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