Tea Partiers accomplish secession petitions!

They will likely go nowhere, and shouldn’t, but it sends a powerful message.

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, a lot of Americans are pissed at our worthless and corrupt politicians, and secession is on their minds. It’s either that, they fear, or a bloody rebellion is inevitable and they’d like not to go there. Or a military takeover of the US government, which will lead to the same thing.

Some of the Tea Partiers are pretty astute. They know that political money buys congressional favors and thus support public funding of campaigns. “Favors” result in government giveaways to corporations and campaign contributors, which transfers wealth and assets from the poor to the rich. At some point the poor will run out of assets, and that point seems to be now.

Our nation has a problem with its checking account, but the top 1% are liking it just fine. And the CEOs are transferring part of their gained loot to the politicians, so they are also just pleased as punch.

But it can’t last. Neither group are wanted by the 99%. Another country would be just fine for these jokers.

They have created this so-called “fiscal cliff,” surely as a mechanism to scare the living crap out of the public, all while they squeeze for a few more pennies.

3 Responses to Tea Partiers accomplish secession petitions!

  1. Keith Roberts says:

    Get the tea party on board with the American Anti-Corruption Act. Keith