Voters finally sent a message!

I voted for Romney, because he was the lesser of two evils. But he was still controlled by the right-wing fringes!

By Jack E. Lohman

If this election taught us anything, it’s that political money (special interest campaign bribes) has less of an advantage than we thought. Citizens United backfired on the Republicans as voters were influenced in the opposite direction.

They finally woke up.

But we sorely need bipartisanship in congress. If the R’s ever want to recover they must start working for the people and quit trying to destroy Obama. The good news is that progress will be made or further Republican seats will be lost in 2014.

Let’s not forget the Bell Curve

Yes there are leakers on the far left who want something for nothing (government giveaways), and they deserve nothing. But there are also a great many Lefties who have lost their jobs because the Fat Cats on the right have sent them to China. For higher profits, don’cha know, and all with the blessing of your favorite congressman.

But the real interest of most of those on the low side is food on the table for their kids, and that’s where the R’s have lost it.

Bell Curve distribution. Nothing is 100% left or right!

The job of Congress is to eliminate the extremes, but the Fat Cats on the right fund their elections through campaign bribes.  And when cash plays a bigger role than constituent well-being, we have serious problems (called political corruption).

Where do we go from here?

Third parties are a distraction that will go nowhere, though their candidates are superb. We must get them running in the two party system, as Democrat-Progressives or Republican-Libertarians. That will help stabilize the political system, though public funding of campaigns is the only way to make it fair and balanced.

And speaking of the media (we were, weren’t we?), $6 billion in campaign bribes were spent by politicians, easily half going to our 4th estate for TV and newspaper ads. Disclosing the political corruption was very cleverly buried. Thanks guys.

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  1. I give the folks at Move to Amend great credit for letting the American people know just how they have been screwed by the moneyed interests. I truly believe that the $6 billion spent on federal elections backfired on them big. And my heart goes out to Karl Rove and Grover Norquist for not meeting their goals (yea, right!).

  2. Barbara Power says:

    Jack, let’s be real about who “wants something for nothing” in American society. To Quote:
    “Yes there are leakers on the far left who want something for nothing (government giveaways), and they deserve nothing.”

    When you speak this way and when you describe those who want something for nothing as being on the far left, you know you are implying those who promote any type of social safety net. And even if your intent is to be more balanced, your words are crystal clear.

    When, in fact, by a huge margin it is a segment of already wealthy CEOs (from all industries) who get the biggest government handouts in the form of subsidies, grants for R&D, and enormous tax breaks (for their corporations and for themselves). The money which flows from taxpayers to this segment far exceeds funds toward social programs.

    Let’s pick a just a few major beneficiaries. Oil/Gas, Agribusiness, Pharmas, Investment Banks. Do the math and compare it to WIC, food stamps, medicare (the REAL Medicare not privatized Medicare, and Medicaid, public schools, higher ed access, environmental protections.

    I am a go-getter and do not like help from anyone but I DO want to live in a fair and a just society where there is some mercy for those who need it. And to see my tax dollars going to the likes of Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blanfein deeply sickens me.

    Romney epitomized the 1% and simply couldn’t hide it no matter how many Handlers he had. Then he picked Ryan. He might as well have told us he was picking Joe Stalin or Jack-the-Ripper for a running mate given the chill it placed on the republican party. And he was/is supposed to be perceived as leadership material? With a track record of decision making like this?

    Ryan made me long for Sarah Palin.

    And the Dems, including Obama, are only a few billion LESS indebted to Blankfein et al so we are not in for sweetness-n-light in the next 4 years. The Dems owe many favors and of course our failed government machinery will ensure nothing gets done for the people — backdoor deals remaining the perennial exception.

    The outcome of this election, to me, means in spite of all we’ve seen and read, those who voted still have a few shreds of desperate hope left, against all the odds.


  3. Indeed Barbara, that’s what I attempted to explain with the Bell curve. We have people at both ends wanting something for nothing. We must be realistic about the lazies on the left, and the greedy Fat Cats on the right. I am in favor 100% for social safety nets for those who try and are not manipulating for a handout. And it is no secret as to how I feel about overpaid CEOs who rip off the public.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Once again, we read about the leftist leakers that want something for nothing from our government. My challenge is name them and expose them. Until you can do that I suggest you quit it, or as Anne Romney says, “stop it.”

  5. Well, I have personal friends that fall into the category, so I know they exist. To deny our own weaknesses will cost us greatly. Like the lady with six taxpayer-funded cell phones. How can we close our eyes to that crap?

    But they are a lesser problem than the Fat Cats that are ripping the assets from America. BUT we cannot wear a halo until we admit to our own problems and include those in the overall fix.

    I’m not willing to say “all R’s are bad people and D’s are good people.” Or the reverse! We BOTH have problems.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who still believes there is one dime’s worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans has problems.

  7. On that I agree. They are in the same camp because the moneyed people have them both on the payroll. Our national problem is this political corruption… on BOTH sides.

  8. And likely, in 2014 the Rove/Norquist/Koch/Adelson crowd will see the money as a waste of resources…

  9. Anonymous says:

    This “lesser of two evils” game reminds me of Clark Griswold in the casino playing pick a number between 1 and 10. The house wins every time no matter what you pick.

    Voting leaves me feel like a sucker. So I no longer play.

  10. I disagree with not voting. We need the people involved, whether left or right. But do so with your eyes open. We have too many who simply drink the Kool-Aid and blindly pull the lever.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That’s what my casino host says…

  12. Yes, and I’m sure you could make the same argument about melting chocolate. But I’d hope you wanted to be a better citizen than that. I have grandchildren I’d like to save from the effects of corruption, that’s why I stay involved.

  13. Jim Maas says:

    [Third parties are a distraction that will go nowhere, though their candidates are superb. We must get them running in the two party system,] Somehow you must have missed it; Ron Paul and Gary Johnson WERE running for office in a major party. They were rejected and insulted by the Establishment and their supporters went elsewhere or stayed home. Why would any libertarian support the Republican party ever again? It is guided by power, not by principles.

  14. That is correct, Jim, and I am a supporter of SOME issues brought by Paul and Johnson. But they lost support of the people because they were too much on the fringes. I can buy that loss. But many of the issues they fought for were bought and paid for by the special interests, and THAT is of greater concern (to me, at least).

  15. I must admit that I have not studied the Declaration of Independence, but I have seen enough to know that our “founders” didn’t get it right the first time around. They were human and not perfect, and couldn’t forecast the makeup of America 200+ years later. And yea, maybe we should allow Louisiana to withdraw and do its own thing regarding slavery and Katrina and border protection.

  16. How many of the lazy’s on the Left can not earn a living wage?? How many politicians will not agree to raising the minimum wage to an indexed “living wage”?? How many lazy’s are in prison because they tried to provide medical care, food & housing for their families.??? How many were caught with less than 1oz of grass? How much profit is being made by the private prison industry?? How many lazy’s can not get a job and never will be able to, because of a prison record??
    – Lets put the blame where blame should go. The blame goes to the American culture – Greed, hypocrisy and the hell bent quest for power before all else. . . .

    • To a very large extent I agree with you, Eugene, but be careful of what you ask for. I think raising the minimum wage at this moment in time is a bad idea. I’d much rather see politicians penalize corporations for outsourcing jobs, like with import tariffs, so jobs are returned to America. But ALL of this can only be fairly negotiated by a congress that is not on the take. And when I speak of “lazies” they are people not looking for legitimate work, they run from the mention.

      • Jim Maas says:

        Wages should be negotiated and agreed to by employees and employers. The government should not mandate.
        To encourage corporations to keep jobs here, reduce or eliminate the corporate income tax. Billions in reinvestment and new hiring will result.

      • Jack, I’m referring more to Jim’s comment below than yours.

        As long as there are more people seeking jobs than open job slots, salary offers be as low as a company can find takers and thus making their profits as high as possible.

        the truth guys – Profits come before employees well being.

        So people are payed low wages.
        What happens next – they need help to cover the costs of food, rent, healthcare, transportation and education.
        Thus the need for entitlements are perpetrated.

        Pay indexed living wages and we can reduce the need for entitlements and lower taxes.

        It’s much more efficient for companies to pay living wages than Govt to pay entitlements.

      • Why not implement both ideas????
        Why wait for one to go on-line and then the other.
        At the speed congress works, either issue can take five years.
        Thus two at a time in five years would be better.

  17. And don’t forget that when a lazy can not earn a living wage, has a family, the family need entitlement support because politicians caused the problems, not solved them. Including letting the wealthy get away with tax loop holes, offshore accounts that do not build America and they pay a much lower to zero tax rate.

    • Well, I think the highfaluting bankers and wall-streeters ought to be put in jail. But remember, they are the ones that give all of the campaign bribes, and Obama did okay there as I remember.

      • Barbara Power says:

        To the reading audience: I have known MoneyedPoliticians (Jack L.) for a few years now and faithfully read the monthly newsletter. I have enormous respect for JL’s integrity, brave commentary, and life experience. This is why I feel comfortable in challenging some of the words used in this blog – because I trust in the overall balance. We should not lose sight of the bigger picture, which is how corrupt our system of electing public officials has become. And this corruption is not a simple bit of bribery. The effects of this corruption on American people, and on people the world over is almost too much to bear thinking about — because as many writers in this blog have stated: those who are outside our system of wealth-production (i.e., most people, everywhere) are not considered in any equation of social/economic strength.
        Finally, I used to think of many politicians as being owned by Wall Street (that is, politicians with power/clout). In the past 2 years I have realized a subtle but important distinction: they ARE Wall Street. Our elections are pure theatre – and bad theatre at that.

      • Thanks Barbara. I can only hope that the negative connotations of the campaign bribes plays its part in bringing the two extremes to the middle. That Karl Rove and Grover Norquist blew several billion dollars and still lost the election was music to my ears. But now, are the D’s and R’s ready to say “enough is enough” and start legislating toward the middle? Time will tell.

      • Three cheers for Jack & Barbara.
        Thanks both.
        – Do you live in Wisconsin like us???

      • Barb, My question not answered. What state are U living in????
        My point – If WI, I would like to meet-up with you, maybe Jack also.
        Happy Spring.

      • Thanks Eugene. As you know, I’m more than happy to meet up with Wisconsin activists, but as I remember Barbara is from the Northeast.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Campaign donations cheaper than paying taxes:

    • Absolutely not, but that’s what the Fat Cats would say.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your propensity to disagree with everyone and everything is stifling.

      • Sorry, but your cryptic responses are not very meaningful. *IF* you are saying that “Campaign donations [are] cheaper than paying taxes,” I disagree totally. YOU, incidentally, are ALSO paying the campaign bribes in the cost of the product, and in the taxpayer subsidies, and in the trashed economy. How are you liking it so far?

  19. Mike von S says:

    ‘None of the above’ is needed on our ballots. And the millions of $ which would have gone to support a congressman and staff would then be distributed to the schools in his/her district.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What happened to Jim Mass?
    Did his computer go dark???