Sorry guys, but this falls into “Busybody Waste”

And a little bit of political corruption. I don’t want the government in my bedroom… for ANY reason!

By Jack E. Lohman

I absolutely HATE abortion, and I know of few people who like killing babies. But I am also pro-choice. It is absolutely none of my business what a woman decides to do with her body, whether pregnant or trying to avoid it. I can imagine the terrible agony she must go through while deciding something that will stay with her until she dies.

I would prefer that the baby be carried to term and adopted out, but even that is not my business.

So when I see the government charging taxpayers for abortions or anti-abortions, or passing laws on pro- or anti-fertility drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, vasectomies, sexual aides or whatever, I would suggest (very strongly) that, no matter what your religious views, this is not the role of government. PERIOD! No matter how many political bribes flow! No matter how many political wallets are opened!!!

We have charities and church groups for that, who even receive taxpayer support, so we should cut taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood AND the Right to Life groups.

Indiana’s Planned Parenthood Funding Cut Blocked by Federal Appeals Court
Associated Press
Excerpt: “The ruling by the seventh US circuit court of appeals in Chicago effectively upheld decisions by a district judge and a Medicaid review panel.”

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