The mainstream media needs a new model, quick!

The Internet has changed things dramatically, with the post office, newsprint, broadcast media, and advertising agencies. What is a good guy to do?

By Jack E. Lohman

Most certainly, develop an online system that can survive on display advertising and contributions.

But the media has shot itself in the foot in so many ways, few tears are shed over their demise. They have become one of “them,” facilitating the corrupt message of the politicians rather than working in the best interests of the public and exposing them. This, even when “the public” owns the airwaves they broadcast on.

The media receives 80% of the corrupt fundraising of politicians, in ad buys, and that will become more exaggerated as legitimate ad revenues dry up.

But they simply refuse to investigate and report on the bought-and-paid-for politicians that are killing our democracy. (But sharing their wealth.) The longer the corruption lasts, the more of it they pocket!!!

Their loyalties are misdirected.

Yes, we readers create less income than the political ads, but is moving from the 4th estate to being part of the other three really the right move? I don’t think so.

Nothing will change the move to the Internet, but the media (old and new) are sitting on a gigantic story… that of our corrupt political system. Someone somewhere is going to make hay with it, and it may just save our democracy.

Think about it, if we do nothing. Use your calender or mine, but ultimately we will see massive unrest and a military crackdown. maybe even a military takeover of our government. Will it be any better? Well, the army can’t be any worse. At least (I think) they’ll not be able to take cash bribes, at least openly, as do our current congress crooks.

It is sickening to watch these over-paid media talking heads pontificate about this or that little fire, and totally ignore the political blaze in the background that created it, as it tears down our country. Have they no shame?

Revolution is just a matter of time. But we can stop it now.

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