Okay, I’m old, crotchety, and really pissed off.

Not so much at the Fat Cats, but at the complicit politician crooks and the lethargic and misdirected voters.

By Jack E. Lohman

The Fat Cats are doing what Fat Cats are supposed to do… maximize profits! The shady part is that they pay off politicians to get where they want to go, to the top of the ladder at the expense of all others. You see, they also maximize their own booty.

The real problem is the politicians who take political bribes and adjust the rules against the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Not either political party in particular, but both parties specifically. these guys should be in jail.

And they ought to be thankful at that, because some countries simply execute corrupt politicians. (If we did that our economy and jobs issues would clear up overnight!)

But the people — the “voters” — blindly drink the Kool-Aid they are offered, even while their own house is on fire. It is mind-boggling.

You and me, Buster, are funding this party that we haven’t been invited to.

Republican and Democrat voters alike, all good people, can’t see the forest through the trees.

The voters –from both political parties — are fighting the little fires, playing the cards they’ve been dealt, even while the major fire razes behind. They are diverted, just as the Fat Cats and politicians intended. The political “divide and conquer” plan is working. Let them fight each other while the bad guys walk away with the loot.

It doesn’t matter what war you are fighting — the Middle East, the drug war, Jobs, healthcare, whatever — they are ALL 100% fueled by the Fat Cats giving campaign bribes to your trusty politicians.

Wherever you want your taxpayer money spent, or not spent, the Fat Cats want just the opposite … and THEY send more political cash than you do.

There are even new House bills introducing campaign reform in elections, but I’m sure the politicians on both sides of the isle would like to see them go nowhere.

We will never get their attention, until we enforce a 100% turnover in our elections!!! Will it come before the next rebellion and our loss of democracy?

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