Monday-morning quarterbacking!

Obama is inept as hell, but he has better advisers than I do! I’ll stay out of it.

By Jack E. Lohman

Romney is lucky that his job is not dependent on making the right decision here, and this is surely a problem Obama wishes were someone else’s. But to Romney and the lefties also disappointed, I’d simply say: stick to your pay grade! None of us know whether saber rattling is effective or will put us into another war. Most certainly we are fighting a people on their land, not a good way to build support.

It’s just more of the same… thanks to our politicians!

Clearly our cash bribes are not getting to the right Muslims. I can hear us saying “Gee, cash works with our own politicians, why not here?”

The billions have not filtered down to the guy on the street yet. And these people indeed have a short fuse, and are mad as hell that the US is on their land.

But who do we blame? The other guy.

This is just the beginning. Yes, we have low wage people that have suffered because of the elites, and an American uprising is just around the corner. Will our politicians be any more adept at detecting our own rebellion than they have the Middle East’s?

America’s reputation has been trashed thanks to our esteemed congress and its taking of billions of dollars in campaign bribes from the defense industry to keep the sabers rattling. The main industry that will gain from the Middle East turmoil.

Yes, we Americans are dense. How are you liking our corrupt political system so far?

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