Sen. Ron Johnson, it indeed needs disclosure…

Does he really think all of his constituents are idiots?

By Jack E. Lohman

From Ron Johnson

Dear Jack,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding the DISCLOSE Act of 2012 (S. 3369).  It failed to advance through the Senate on July 17th 2012.

I voted against the Disclose Act because the bill was an infringement on our freedom of speech that would have had a chilling effect on many American’s willingness to engage in legitimate public debate.

S.3369 would have required private entities to publicly release the names of all their political contributors.  The Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC, that restrictions on the political speech of any group is unconstitutional.  The court rejected the idea that the government can pick who gets to speak and who does not.  Ever since that decision, Democrats have tried to circumvent those restrictions by limiting political contributions, and thus the right to free speech.

The bill also contained provisions that would have exempted labor unions from the same disclosure requirements imposed on individuals and corporations.  I believe that disparity was both unfair and unconstitutional.  In addition, we have recently witnessed individual donors to certain causes publicly singled out for harassment and intimidation.  An increase of these type of tactics would be the inevitable result of the DISCLOSE Act.  We need more people engaged in civil public discourse, not less.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts. It is important for me to hear the views and concerns of the people I serve. Since taking office, I have received over 500,000 pieces of correspondence and have had over 200,000 participants in live forums and telephone town hall meetings. Please feel free to contact me in the future if I can further assist you or your family. It is an honor representing you and the good people of Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate.


Ron Johnson
United States Senator

Thanks but no thanks.

Dear Senator Johnson,

I voted for you, and now wish I hadn’t.

Do you really think all of your constituents are idiots?

Fact 1: “disclosure” does not mean “restrictions” that violate the Constitution. Never has and never will.  This is just a convenient buzzword that justifies a negative vote, at least in your mind.

Fact 2: the “union” issue is a poison pill and you know it. Inserted to make politicians sound intelligent and objective. But do we really want to see a list of 10,000 union member names? Who may or may not agree with their union?

And of course, your $16 million in campaign cash really makes you look clean (Not!).

He’s not making a lot of good decisions.

4 Responses to Sen. Ron Johnson, it indeed needs disclosure…

  1. Paul Nelson says:

    Good post Jack. Though I’m a liberal and mostly vote Democratic, I usually agree with you. Since I think that you are pretty thoughtful and politically savvy, I just have to ask: Did you really vote for Ron Johnson, and what did you expect?

    Best, Paul Nelson

    • Yea, Paul, I really did vote for Johnson. Too hopeful, perhaps, but I became very dissatisfied with Russ for not blocking ObamaCare, not getting anywhere on campaign reform, et al.) I was really on a throw-the-rascals-out kick (and still am, incidentally).

  2. Keith Roberts says:

    Hi jack,
    Can i post your response to Johnson on my “Uppity Wisconsin” blog?
    Kieth Roberts