Just once I want this guy McConnell to say…

“This message bought and paid for with bribes from my campaign funders.”

By Jack E. Lohman

I’m tired of his attacking the Obama administration as though he personally is the attacker rather than his Fat Cat contributors.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t do anything for free, and whenever he does something… anything… you know he’s been paid to do it. He is this Mafia’s — sorry, congress’s — biggest whore, and really gives Kentucky’s voters a bad name.

I don’t like Obama either, because he’s bought by another group of corporate interests.

And we voters? We are not real bright. We drink the Kool-Aid from whichever side offers us the most attractive lies.

Problems on both sides, but we voters just don’t get it!

Absolutely people who are unemployed need help, but we should provide them an incentive to get off the dole. Like, when we mail an unemployment check we expect them to invest 20 hours per week doing things that benefit the city or state. Like sweeping sidewalks or whatever. And they should receive of minimum wage for their 20 hours, providing that they can show they’ve looked for a job in the other 20 hours!

Problem is, we have unions who object because they have workers they’d rather see the work go to. That, even though their members are funding the unemployment costs???

And yea, I’d like to review disability abuses and high public employee pensions and put a few bankers and politicians in jail! Wow, what wacko thoughts?

Our REAL problem is corrupt political leadership!

Get the political bribes out of the system — with public funding of campaigns — and these bastards will start voting for the country!

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