Romney or Obama? It doesn’t much matter.

Vetoes and Supreme Court appointments are all that matter…

by Jack E. Lohman

Clearly, one guy is as bad as the other, but most important is control of congress. We’ve seen how that has blocked Obama’s every move. Senators and House members matter more than the president. Correction: who funds these members matters the most!

If you like the direction the Koch Brothers and oil interests and the Tea Party are taking the country, vote Republican. If you like the direction of the unions and environmentalists, vote Democratic.

But if you don’t like either, vote the incumbent bastards out!

I’m not at all happy with voting on who spends the most cash, but that’s what we’ve had with decades of “hands off” management.

I don’t mean Congress, they are just going where the money is. When street-prostitutes find more business on Wall Street than Main Street, that’s where they migrate to. Our esteemed congress members are no different. They are greedy but they aren’t stupid.

Lazy Voters!

Our voters have become distracted to the smaller fires, like healthcare and Social Security and jobs. ALL of these issues are 100% controlled by the moneyed interests that fund the politicians. The politicians are smart enough to go there; the voters are not.

It is hard to keep talking about political corruption , but when it is the nation’s #1 problem it cannot be ignored.

Clearly we have poor people on the government’s dole, either because they have already lost their wealth or are just plain lazy and never had it. And those of the “what’s mine is mine” crowd. Both are fighting each other with the Fat Cats and their bought-politicians egging them on. It keeps the message off of the corruption.

“At this pivotal moment in American history, some of the country’s most successful programs for working families are under attack by the same people who dug the country deep into debt in the first place. These “deficit hawks” waged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but forgot to pay for them, driving up the deficit. They gave tax breaks to the richest Americans and big corporations without offsetting the lost revenue, driving up the deficit. They passed a prescription drug program that made it illegal to bargain for better prices, driving up the deficit. With all that red ink on their hands, those deficit hawk hypocrites like House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan now want to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and give even more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. Bernie wants to lower deficits, but not on the backs of working families, the sick, the elderly, and the children.”  Sen. Bernie Sanders

There IS a solution, but it better happen fast!

Some in the Middle East threw rocks. But we have guns, thanks to the Republicans and their NRA cash. And I’m a pro-gun believer. But our government and military knows that we have guns, and they’ve started making noises about this thing called “gun control.”

Ours will start with martial law. (Remember when then-General David Petraeus said “He doesn’t know who he’s talking to…” when Obama said something he didn’t like?)

Over $2 billion will be given to Obama/Romney this election. Because cash works better than votes. It diverts spending decisions away from the economy and towards the Fat Cats. And the cash is not coming from the 99%. The solution is to demand public funding of campaigns and total election reform, or a 100% turnover in November will occur. And we MUST start this year!!!

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