Romney seems unprepared

How can a guy worth $200 million represent the other 99%?

By Jack E. Lohman

Probably not any better, but Obama has one critical motivation: legacy!

Re-election and campaign bribes are out, and future speaker fees are in. That could be a good sign, but being a GOOD president will be key.

I like Romney, but he is a flip-flopper, saying whatever he must to win support. Just as in Massachusetts he’ll govern to the center-right.

Medicare and the Geezers

Troublesome is the Romney-Ryan position on Medicare. YES, Medicare needs help, but not dismantling. We MUST increase taxes to bolster it and Social Security, but the right-wing (including Ryan) will have nothing of it.

Ronald Reagan increased taxes eight times, but today we are at a 30-year low in taxes being paid. Yet the Right wants more decreases, even at the expense of gutting the public programs we DO need, like schools and firefighters and etc.

And understand this: “Vouchers” means privatization, which adds 20% insurance overhead for CEO salaries, shareholder profits, and broker commissions. And, incidentally, campaign contributions.

A stupid idea, but the insurance industry loves it. Privatization also generates campaign bribes, so the politicians are also quite happy. Ryan so far received $131,925 from the insurance industry.

Newer Medicare patients will share the increase, but not us old geezers already on it. But IF Romney-Ryan were so good, why are they protecting current seniors?

Clue: Because it is terrible and protecting the geezers keeps them quiet… for a while. But our kids will take the hit.

The Lefties must also get real…

Adding government employees or increasing their salaries or benefits is funded by, you guessed it, us taxpayers. When stupid regulations increase job security, we all pay. Even those needing food stamps and welfare. Efficient government should be applauded, not criticized.

So vote your conscience. Your guess is as good as mine.

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