Congress and its 10% approval rating!

Yet, we’ll re-elect these crooks anyway.

By Jack E. Lohman

Where are our frigging heads?

Both political parties are bought and paid for; one by the Unions and Hollywood and the other by the corporations and bankers. And we idiots fawn on their every word.

We clearly deserve what we get, though our country does not! A third party candidate probably doesn’t stand a chance, much because of voter stupidity.

There are bad apples on both sides, yet we swoon when a right-wing politician lambastes the Lefties for supporting public service workers and their 20% pay advantage which is funded by the taxpayers. And we swoon when a left-wing politician rips the highly-paid CEO for sending jobs to China, which is also taxpayer funded though in a different way.

But you’ve heard all of that!

Where do we go from here?

Starting with the most obvious, we must throw the bastards out.

Support third-party organizations (Greens, Progressives, Tea Partiers, etc)

Boycott big-spender politicians with a lot of money and those whom the big spending PACs are funding.

Boycott the companies that throw a lot of cash at politicians.

Boycott politicians who frequent the revolving door. Once a lobbyist always a lobbyist. Let’s get smart.

Boycott the rich guys that you know will look after their buddies (and their own future wealth).

Look at their voting record, not their promises.

Unless you have strong reason to believe your guy is good (i.e. Bernie Sanders), he is probably bad.

Pay politicians on a performance basis!!! Cut deficits and increase middle class wealth (or else!). Mandate blind trusts to eliminate insider trading. Strengthen congressional oversight! Apply term limits. Close the revolving door! Implement public funding of campaigns and Move to Amend! THEN they are worth DOUBLE salaries!!! (Still not good enough? Let them try plumbing!)

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